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Germany's Leopard 2A7

Now now now, I know what you're thinking and look. This is a completely accurate depiction of how AFVs are assembled.

 The Leo 2 is pretty popular, it's been exported to a lot of countries and there is a large fan base around it, so it was fitting to team up with the lads to make as many leopards as we possibly could. 

You had Thomas Chen

Just a Shmo…

Bruce Krager…


Hero Of Groznyi…

And of course, Mr.Dom!…

The Abrams is more preferable imo, but the leopard is just more aesthetic! look at it! Is this something you would see in Supreme Commander or what?

And this is completely off topic, but I have a ton of curiosity on what an indigenous Irish MBT would look like. Sounds like a future project.

You can find more drawings at…
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did you get the idea from the movie Toys Story

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that's cool picture, nice

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Leo best MBT sorry mah boi Abrams

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As long as the instructions are in German.  I've gotten some models, or given models, that where made in other countries and trying to decipher some of the translated instructions are about as difficult at making sense of where the parts are suppose to go to.
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It does add to the accomplishment of completing them though, right?

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Damn straight! ;) (Wink) 
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Oh, the struggle is real alright... T_T

INTERMEZZO - Giga Model Mania by kanyiko
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Damn bro, how long have you had all of those?

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Oh, that's been a gradual build-up.

The oldest of the bunch (unbuilt) is the Porsche 911, which actually is a project somebody else started but which I took over from them (and promptly forgot); other than that the oldest unbuilt kit from my stash - 'the one at the bottom' - dates back to 2001.  It gradually built up from there - some of them are such old kits and I've had them for so long, that better has since been issued, leaving little chance for them to be built (for instance, the ancient KP Avia B534 vs the brand-new Eduard issue)

hell yes the pinical of german engineering of modern technology. This brings joy to my german heart during quarantine

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I wonder how this idea would turn out with a T-35

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This is cute as hell!


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Thats Really Clever and Creative aswell, Great Job!
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The struggle is real.
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:My Friend: So what have you been doing during quarantine?

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This is really good.
Put a real smile on my face.
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Mission Accomplished!

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Green berets? Infantrymen working on a tank?! What heresy is this?! :shakefist:

(Just kidding ;) Great art, as always!)

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You're missing the massive amount of shavings from cleaning the sprues :')
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