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A Redraw of That Thing I Did for the Countdown by ArizaLuca A Redraw of That Thing I Did for the Countdown :iconarizaluca:ArizaLuca 36 4 Fata Morgana by ArizaLuca Fata Morgana :iconarizaluca:ArizaLuca 5 3 Minecraft: Story Mode Fangame by ArizaLuca Minecraft: Story Mode Fangame :iconarizaluca:ArizaLuca 10 1 Through the Screen by ArizaLuca Through the Screen :iconarizaluca:ArizaLuca 7 3 MCSM Chibi Jesses by ArizaLuca MCSM Chibi Jesses :iconarizaluca:ArizaLuca 39 14
Minecraft: Normal Mode - Chapter 4
Chapter 4: Being Very Eloquent

The three of them walked into Endercon. They hadn't even gotten three feet past the initial 'gate' of the convention when Evie could hear the beat of the music booming through the area, vibrating through their feet a little-- even from this distance from the actual source of the music.
"Let me know if you see Reuben anywhere," Jesse said, green eyes flicking over the area of the convention that they'd already entered with worry.
"Don't worry, Jesse, I'm sure he's fine," and Evie would've reached out to pat Jesse on the back reassuringly, even getting so far as to raise her hand and hover it over Jesse's back by a couple inches, before deciding against it-- they really didn't know each other that well, after all-- and lowering it again. "He's gotta be in here somewhere."
Despite Evie's attempt at reassuring Jesse, the black-haired girl's shoulders just sagged a little bit. "I sure hope you're right..."
"So," Petra spoke up, making Jesse and Evie bo
:iconarizaluca:ArizaLuca 4 10
Minecraft: Normal Mode - Chapter 3
Chapter 3: A Lot of Convincing
"Come on, I wanna show you guys something," the redhead said as she walked into a long cave without any seeming reservations. Evie hadn't said anything the whole time they'd been running to this area, though for once it wasn't just because she was shy. The main reason was that she'd gotten so out of breath earlier that it just sounded like she was panting like a dog.
Evie'd always wanted a dog.
"Not that this isn't a really... cool, dimly lit tunnel or anything," Jesse said, sounding slightly uneasy and like the tunnel wasn't actually that cool, "but how far away is this thing that you want to show us?"
Evie was feeling two things right now. One, relief that Jesse had voiced her own concerns so that Evie didn't have to in front of a person she didn't know and possibly make a gigantic fool out of herself. Two, slight amusement at Jesse's concerns. Sure, this was a dark, not-well-lit cave, but it was just a cave. Evie
:iconarizaluca:ArizaLuca 5 0
Minecraft: Normal Mode - Chapter 2
Chapter 2: Lucky Hoe to the Rescue!
Evie finally caught up to the pig-- man, this little one was fast for being so small-- and skidded to a halt next to it, the little pig still squealing up a storm and running around in a little panic. 
Actually, she might've overbalanced a bit and crashed onto her side.
"Whoa, whoa, calm down there!" she exclaimed, trying to keep her voice steady and calm, and you know, not completely panicked and breathless. "Easy, easy..."
It didn't help, though-- the pig (Reuben? Yeah, she was pretty sure that was it) was so riled up about being on fire (well, but Evie could understand, after all, it was on fire) that it-- he, not it, Reuben was a guy's name-- just kept squealing and running. 
It took Evie a few mistimed swipes and one instance of smacking herself in the face, but she finally managed to yank off the wings, which were now mostly consumed by the flames. Dumping them on the ground uncere
:iconarizaluca:ArizaLuca 5 0
Minecraft: Normal Mode - Chapter 1
Chapter 1: Endercon Building Competition

Evangeline Butler, better known as Evie to most people, jogged carefully towards the Endercon Building Competition site, mentally spitting out every single swear word that she knew. Of COURSE her alarm clock wouldn't go off when it was supposed to, especially on a day like today. Why was she even surprised at this point.
The only reason she wasn't full-out sprinting to get there was because she was going to trip and fall flat on her face if she did, and that would just slow her down even more than her dark, short wavy hair attempting to get stuck on every branch she shoved past, leaves whipping at her amber eyes and fair skin. 
When she finally pushed past the thirteenth branch and brushed a couple of leaves out of her hair, she noticed that her team had already made it through the gate. Breathless, Evie walked up to the booth, where two teams appeared to be facing off. "Um, hi, I'm with the Bookworms?" she asked, lungs attempting t
:iconarizaluca:ArizaLuca 7 35
My Halloween Costume! by ArizaLuca My Halloween Costume! :iconarizaluca:ArizaLuca 16 97 Happy 2nd Birthday, MCSM! by ArizaLuca Happy 2nd Birthday, MCSM! :iconarizaluca:ArizaLuca 45 29 Happy Birthday, Random-Rengeki! by ArizaLuca Happy Birthday, Random-Rengeki! :iconarizaluca:ArizaLuca 7 2 NEW! Profile Picture 2017 by ArizaLuca NEW! Profile Picture 2017 :iconarizaluca:ArizaLuca 10 14 Radar by ArizaLuca Radar :iconarizaluca:ArizaLuca 33 40 Pets and Their Owners (MCSM) by ArizaLuca Pets and Their Owners (MCSM) :iconarizaluca:ArizaLuca 56 14 The Admin by ArizaLuca The Admin :iconarizaluca:ArizaLuca 22 10


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PE:How to Splice Comics
Hello. Iingo here. I'm going to teach you how to Splice Comics or pictures in general today. 
Have you ever wanted to be a comic artist and want to share your work online? Well here are two examples of great websites to host your creative comic!
Tapastic and LINE Webtoon
A Little History on Tapastic and LINE Webtoon
Star! Tapastic is a webcomic program site created in October 2012 by Chang Kim from South Korea. Tapastic is operated in both Seoul and San Francisco, that way from all over the world can al
:iconiingo:iingo 214 21
How hard can it be! by zarla How hard can it be! :iconzarla:zarla 3,521 805




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A Redraw of That Thing I Did for the Countdown

I am dead. xD Hence why I haven't posted stuff in a while.

(Okay, but I'm actually incredibly sorry about that. I've been really busy with life. I'll try to get more stuff up more regularly. Or I might just move to Tumblr.)

x.X. A.L. X.x
Fata Morgana

So you know that comic Phantasmagoria I used to post teasers for on here?

Yeah... it's going to be a game now.

A visual novel to be exact.

Here's the link to the Tumblr (there's not much on there though so don't expect much):

Be excited, there will be stuff soon, and REALLY soon. I'm getting very fast at churning out good quality content.

x.X. A.L. X.x
1. Any new year's resolutions? If so, what are they?
One is a surprise for y'all, so can't tell you until it's ready, and the other is to procrastinate less. (Which I will do immediately after I stop being sick.)

2. Where's somewhere you'd love to travel to?
(squints thoughtfully) The UK.

3. If you're a horror fan, do you prefer horror movies or horror stories? 
I'm not a horror FAN, but... stories. They're written better than most horror movies.

4. What was the last movie you watched?
Coco, and man I cried.

5. Who's a character from any series you'd love to cosplay as?
Female Jesse from MCSM-- which I already did for Halloween!

6. You an ice cream or frozen yogurt person?
Frozen yogurt. I'm slightly lactose intolerant so ice cream is... eh.

7. What annoys you the most?
When people do something completely inappropriate, lacking any respect, and basically show that they have no human decency. Like, once is okay, because it might've been an accident, but if they're doing it on purpose then... no.

8. If you could meet any famous person, dead or alive, who would you want to meet?
Christina Grimmie. (rip Christina)

9. What is your birthstone gem and what month is it for?
Opal, October

10. You a cat person or a dog person?

Error. ArizaLuca.exe has malfunctioned due to the impossibility of answering such a question. Please input better question and try again.

11. You an early bird or a night owl? (wake up early or stay up late)
Kind of a mix of both? I can wake up early, but I can also stay up late.

12. If you've never been to a concert before, who would you want to see perform? If you have been to a concert, who have you seen?
I've been to seeeeee Megan Nicole, in 2015 or 2016.

I'm not tagging anybody, if you wanna do this that's fine xD


ArizaLuca's Profile Picture
My real name is... a secret ;)
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Yo! I draw fanart, write fanfiction, and do other things along those lines.

I also make YouTube videos! Check them out at my channel right here:…

Please check out my fanfictions at the following sites (although lately I'm on FFN more than the others):………

And of course I'm here on DeviantArt x3


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Aw, thank you! And of course I'll draw it, but enchanted diamond... package?? I'm fairly sure you mean pickaxe, right? :3
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