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Again, I have to ask for your help.

A colleagues freehold apartment burnt down, leaving her family nothing except the naked life. She is ill, her husband injured by the fire. They are both self employed, so every little bit help is needed.

If you can afford a few bucks, it would be very helpful.

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Please take a look at the "Freedom Drive"-Foundraising at and consider to give some $ if you can afford it.

The cause is a good and honest one.

I've 'met' Lauren through NaNoWriMo in the #nanowrimo IRC-Channel on the and got to know her as kind and interesting person.

10000$ is a lot of money for one person alone, more than ever a disabled one. But a lot of people, spending just a few bucks, can make this dream come true.

If you can't afford even a small donation, please spread the word. If you can afford a donation, please spread the word, too. :-)
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I'm taking part at this years National Novel Writing Month - and I'm already far behind the shedule.


View my progress report.
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Yes, the summer is hot and there is a lot of work to do. Only five weeks until the german parlimantary elections and we are eager to push the german pirate party as far as possible. This means: putting up election posters, running information points in the city and attending the 'Landesparteitag' next weekend.

Man at work by Ariyenne

Just take a look at our election website: Klarmachen zum Ändern!.
... but not in good way.

The publishing house has chosen to cancel our book a few days until completion. A week later now I'm still furiously angry. I'm reminded one time more that writers are the butt of the publishing industry. But this won't stop me writing.

Time to look forward.

New ideas will come. New publishing houses will come, too.

And new weekend crafting projects. ;-)
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While my last months working load was extensive, it will getting worse for the next 6 workdays. I have to complete the first draft of our Book "Geek Cookbook"… and the slides and handouts for a one day workshop about Web 2.0 for absolute beginners.

A fair.. infinite ... subject.

But after six really bad days I've five days of vacation.

Our anually meeting for woman in the writing business, held place in german "Wendland". A very beautiful area far from any civilisation. Five days of relaxing and small workshops. And massage!

Lomi-Lomi flavored oil-massage I'm coooooooming!
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Is there a tutorial how to make a tutorial?
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Today I've happily received the drawing of my RPG-Character Ariyenne, done by Elengwat in exchange for a deviantart-subscription.

Great work, and thank you, Elengwat!

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I'm now officially doomed.

Just three words: foreign tax forms
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Again I have to complain about to much work. There is a heavy load of end-of-year chores, which I want to complete until the 24th.

Today I've got struck with stomach trouble and couldn't work as planned, so my holiday week between christmas and new years eve is in jeopardy.
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I hate, hate, hate, hate Mailservers.

I hate Exim, i hate Courier-Imap, I hat Spamassassin, I hate Clamav, I hate Vexim,.. and mostly I hate the poor documentation of all those.

And I hate deadline pressure.
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Much to much work.

Much to much problems with the work, so I mostly have to iron out the problems instead of progress.

After work my head feels like a balloon and theres often not enough energy for my favourite hobby - roleplaying by chat - left. So i cling to dull tv-series and do a lot of sewing, because this manual work is the most relaxing thing for my brain in the moment.

Images of the sewing projects will follow.
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Server moving isn't over by now, but I have to take a breake, because of the TLA "PMS". Which bothers me every month in an extreme way.

I'm planing a new sewing project, but I'm to outworn to start by now.
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Moving a four year old server with lots of domains, lots of databases, lots of email-accounts to a new hosting provider, new hardware and partial new software. Time runs out fast.

Add the real job and household chores.

So, less than four hours of sleep for days...

But I'm somewhat happy about the US Presidential Election Result.
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Recived very happy news. Exciting news. Incredible news.

Have to wait if it is me allowed to tell you more.
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Build yesterday the planned table fireplace. Finished in time to give it today to my best friend as a late birthday present.

Watch the materials… the finished work.…

Met my friend at IKEA Restaurant and had a nice afternoon.

This had lighten up my mood a good deal.
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Slightly depressed, slightly annoyed. planned to create another table fireplace but didn't start by now.
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