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Undifferentiated chaotic energy,
Coalescing into a seed of life,
A tree radiating into infinity,
Shaping your essence as a woman,
Living in the body of a man,
Who was and is a humble fruit fly,
You ask me to be a warrior,
To give my life for your glory,
A sacrifice of myself to myself,
As we all do in life’s end,
Only to live again inside,
Your recursive analytical engine,
At the end of eternity.
© 2020 - 2021 ariya-sacca
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We are chaos given order.
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The question is whether we work to return to chaos or to preserve order?
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It's a subjective choice.
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OOOoooooo NICE!  This is a distialation of thought and spirituality deep enough to really sink my teeth into.  Yes, toothsome and savory fare indeed! I like it! Kudos!