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Diablo 3 Act 1 Wallpaper

Act 1 in Diablo 3, I made it into my little own version in order to remove the User Interface.
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Thanks. This will be my new desktop wallpaper. 👍

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This is such an amazing artwork, I really love it. Magic and spooky in one. I have send you a sitemail, so please answer me okay?
Fantastic Art!! I'm brand new to this site and well actually new to these Extensions. I have a passion for photography, but what i really love is playing around in Photoshop and editing some photos. My question is... how do you go about making these amazing art pieces? Do you use Photoshop and if not what do you use? Maybe a better question would be, how would i go about learning to make these photorealistic pictures? Obviously not to this extent of course but i need the basic fundamentals to start with. Can you recommend a course of action for me? Thank you and keep up the great works of art!!!
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Is it okay if I use this for my youtube account's thumbnail for some of my videos?…
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thank you
i use this image from my video
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My boyfriend wants to use it. Is that okay with you? ^^
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Yeah of course :)
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thanks :D it's really awesome <3
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Great ! Only one thing : I think you should put the same top/bottom bars than in other acts (or removing them in the other wallpapers) :)
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