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she's an artist

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just a lil something i made to host an artist support over on instagram, so if you have an account there be sure to check it out! here's the link to the post…

i have a question, maybe you can help me out or know something about it, how do you upload small animations here on deviantart? and in what format? thanks in advance!
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Прекрасный стиль рисовки)

P.S: за Ламу спасибо

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Beautiful <33

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thank you! ^^

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this is so cool ,, i like it 🤗

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A beautiful artist By the way nwn

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glad you like her! <3

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You can upload small animations in gif format. The preview image has to be either a single frame or a scaled down version though...I make sure mine don't go over 150 pixels on either height or width.

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i see, thank you! but i meant something more like, animated drawings if that makes sense? like adding a small animation to my pictures and posting here on deviantart, not pixel art

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I've seen people use gifs for their animations though...even if they weren't pixel art. Maybe you should try it and see if it works

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