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denim jackets and purple skies

i tried to add a small particle animation to this but i couldn't make it work lol maybe in the future
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I find your art style very pretty, it inspires me to keep improving :)

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nice ilustration, I like the mood that it captures. mostly because of the color palete being used

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thank you very much! ^^

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I don't have much to say about it, but I like the painting that you did here. Considering how you painted the clouds, the background, and the characters, I'd say it's impressive work. More so because you mentioned how it took a lot of tries and went through several sketches in another comment of yours.

Also, one thing that I'd like to mention is that it gives off a nice, pleasant atmosphere for me. So with that said, it's a good painting and I'm glad that I'm stumbled on it.

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thank you very much! yeah some drawings take a lot longer than others, but i'm quite pleased with this one even if it's more than a year old already ^^ thank you for checking out my art also!

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Ah, you're welcome, and I can certainly agree that some drawings can take more time than usual.

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It's so sweet! :heart:

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:star::star::star::star::star: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star: Technique
:star::star::star::star::star: Impact

Wow, the couple that you drew reminds me of Luo Guang from 2 Stars Hold Together. He's Xi Mei's love interest til Li Mi, his early wife, died from a storm. I just knew it! Anyways, it's fun making my project, but thanks to you, I have an idea. How would you like to have an art trade with me? I know it's the least I do, but hey, it works for me. Now I gotta work. Just kidding. It's real drama. So if you wanna a request from me, remember: Art is about fame, it's about work! 5 stars!
😍😍😍 I love your elf character
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thank you! i'm glad <33
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That title. :XD: But now when I think about it, I actually could imagine a fashion advertisement like this so the title might not be that ''silly'' after all since the jackets really stand out. ;)
    Words are not needed; the way they are looking each other tells everything. :love: And they also seem to be holding hands but it's not directly shown, which is cool. There's a beautiful and sensitive atmosphere here which is created by the small signs of affection, the peaceful-looking surroundings which remind me of an open field next to a small town and the subdued lighting.
   And talking about lighting: The light and the sky here look really realistic. I assume it's a white/nightless night of which I don't see pictures very often. A good choice. :)
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thank you, this is very kind and encouraging :heart:
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You are very welcome. ;)
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I love the details in this painting so much~ I can't stop myself from admiring the individual strands coming from the guy's hair, or how accurate you have nailed the denim look for their jackets and her bag. It must've taken you ages to get the right shades and colour in place, a truly remarkable feat for such a lovely piece of these two~

Speaking of lovely, I am in love with the background as well! I like how you'd used the peachy-orange section of the sunset sky to highlight the chemistry and intimacy that happens between the two characters. The top and bottom parts of this piece being dark does an excellent job to direct the viewer's eyes to the centre, which is where their faces would be, which in turn makes the piece so... adorable~

Fantastic piece here, miss!~ :heart:
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it did take me quite long to make this piece look like what i had in mind ;w; it took me a lot of tries and discarded sketches until i did something i found could work lol

thank you very much for the lovely comment! <3
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Just to be sure--this is a male elf and a female human?
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This is so nice! I love the colors!
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Your welcome! Sorry for late reply!
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no worries i can be a late replier as well haha
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We're all busy :3 that's life for yah. No rush! :D
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gotta love bois with elf ears
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