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The legendary first Winamp skin by Skin Consortium now revitalized for Winamp 5.666 and WACUP by Ariszló and PeterK.

I could not show all modes of Vortex in one preview, so here is a screenshot of its Party! mode.

Permission to update the skin was granted by Ralph Barber, Jory Compendio and Martin Pöhlmann.

Version 1.04
  • Fixed crashes at startup
  • Fixed speaker covers
  • Fixed progbuttons
  • Fixed memory buttons
  • Fixed Restore button in General Preferences
  • Fixed Smooth Skin checkboxes. Thanks DrO for spotting the bug!
  • Replaced Smooth Skin toggle image
  • Replaced CoverArt with Albumart
  • Changed Party! mode resizer cursor. Thanks, Victhor!
  • Updated screen resolutions for Party! mode
  • Updated notifier
  • Cleaned up Known Issues page
  • Added offline manual
  • Removed MSPP-dependent features and Skin Update
  • Removed broken eggs
  • Deactivated Paypal button
Version 1.0 was featured in Daily Deviations by Abhimanyu Ghoshal on June 13, 2006.
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Awesome! Finally! It took a while but all that work is worth it, congrats!

Ps: maybe post a comment on the original deviation so people trying to download it get redirected to this. 
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Thanks, Victhor! :)
I have posted the comment but it will be hardly noticed because one has to go page 5 to see the latest comments.
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Page 5? What does that mean? I see it on the top of the comments list. 
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My bad. Wrong setting. Comments were set to Oldest First. Now it is OK.
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Thank you for sharing. Superheavy... Amazing. Fabulose work btw.

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Yes, they did an amazing job. Thank you for your comment. :)
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