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Robot inside me Make up

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Mar 24, 2012, 5:11:59 AM
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Hello, i have big examsin school and i did robots. I seen your photo and i drew it. and wow i absolutly love this, you are sooooooo talented. well done
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Wow, thats great to know, thank you so much! I would love to see this drawing :)
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il get a picture and put it up :)
I would LOVE to use this as a cover for my novel - how much do you charge for a digital print?
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Hi! Sorri I havent answered this sooner, but keep in touch with me and I will let you know, i hope its not too late! :)
I am still in the midst of formatting my novel, so I am still interested in purchasing this image for its cover. How much do you charge?
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Hi! Sorry for the late response, but to be honest I really have no idea how much I charge since no one has ever asked me for anything like this, but I hope you still keep in touch with me, I would love to see my photo on the cover of your novel as much as I would like to read it,for when would you like to know how much I charge? Just to know how long I have to, lets say, think about it
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Arisusandasu this is simply amazing.. you are extremely talented..and very beautiful. I hope this is your profession and not just a hobby, because you are one of the best self-painters I've ever seen.
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oh my!!!
Woooooooooooooow!!!! Thank you sososososossoossosooodjweiohdwp8fhpq895gh much! You have just made me so happy, you should see the huge smile on my face HA!
Thank you so much, actually, right now it is a hobby because i'm still studying at school, hopefully I'll get the chance to study something to do with make up some day, I also love doing theatre, so I think it's a good way to combine two things, theatre and make up, since theatre is quite dramatical, they'll need some dramatic make up, won't they? ;)
Again, thank you! :D
Do you live in NYC? Could you paint me for halloween? LOVE this!
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No, I live in Spain xD
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nice o-o
*is jealous of yer make up skills =3=*
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Its wicked cool. Love it :)
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=D Thank you so much!
I like the artwork on the lady's face. Would like to see the artist actually doing the artwork, and take my own "in progress" photographs of that work in progress.
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The lady is me xD I paint on my own face!
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sexy! The Halloween GEEK Girl 2012
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Hahahaha thank you!
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Come with me if you want to live. Wait! Strike that! Reverse it!
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Were you inspired by Promise Phan's recent tutorial video, or did you just think this up on your own? Either way, very nice.
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