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Winner announced!

There were 436 participants in this raffle. Here's how the winner was chosen (using Python code):


>>> import random

>>> random.seed()

>>> print random.randint(1, 436)


And number 410 in the favorites list is :iconspirit--queen:. Congratulations!

It's been over a year since I last had a giveaway so here's a chance to win 1000 points!

How to Enter?

  1. +fav this journal. It's important since the fav list is used for selecting the random winner.
  2. Link this post in your journal.
  3. Post a comment letting me know you've done 1 and 2.


I'm looking for more followers for my Facebook page, where I post unfinished pieces during my painting process. In case you like my art and wish to have your comments heard early on, please consider liking the page here:….

Please note that this doesn't affect your chances on the giveaway. I'm not seeking higher number of likes, but I highly appreciate any comments during my painting process. I'm always trying to explain the choices I make in my posts, so it's a good place to learn and ask questions too!

The giveaway ends on July 20th. I will randomly pick a number and use the favorite list to select the winner.

Since some of you are not familiar with my work I'll include a few examples:

The Fox and the Crow by arisuonpaa

Treasure Hunt by arisuonpaa

And Back Again by arisuonpaa

Gone Fishing by arisuonpaa

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Winner Announce!

I've just gone through all your comments and gathered every name on a text file. Those who did both steps had their names there twice. For the tech savvy here's how the winner was picked:


wc -l da.txt

     633 da.txt

echo $((RANDOM%633))


cat da.txt | sed '289!d'


So the winner is :iconclassicblue:. Congratulations!

To celebrate a milestone of 18,000 watchers I’m hosting a giveaway for 1,000 points.

Here’s how to enter:

+fav  this journal

AND do one of the steps below:

A) Add a link of this giveaway in your journal.
B) Like my Facebook page or one of the posts there:…

If you do both, your chances will be DOUBLED! 

To participate add a comment on this journal which of the steps you’ve done (A, B, or both) so I know to add your name to the pool once or twice.

I will pick the winner of 1,000 points randomly on February 28th.

Let me also feature some of my paintings on this journal for everyone who’s not familiar with my work:

The Fox and the Crow by arisuonpaa

Journey Through the Frost by arisuonpaa

And Back Again by arisuonpaa

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Just a quick heads-up: I'm posting progress of my current painting onto my Facebook page:…. I'm about to start detailing so now is your chance to still have your voice heard!

In the future all the WIPs will be posted exclusively there, so please show some love by liking the page :).
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I've just created a Facebook page to promote my artwork outside DeviantArt:…. I'm planning to post exclusive updates and WIPs there to keep my DA account more as a plain gallery. In case you have a Facebook account, please show your support by liking the page. Spreading the link to your friends will also be greatly appreciated!

I'm also looking for ideas for my next painting. Feel free to give suggestions in the comments.
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1000 Points Giveaway! (EDIT: Winner announce!) by arisuonpaa, journal

1,000 Points Giveaway by arisuonpaa, journal

WIPs by arisuonpaa, journal

Facebook page by arisuonpaa, journal