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Treasure Hunt

By arisuonpaa
This one is an attempt to see how my paintings have improved during the last couple of years. I did pirate themed paintings in 2005 and 2007. The one done in 2007 is seen below:

Mighty Pirate by arisuonpaa 

In my opinion the most obvious improvements are in the area of composition and values. These are the two main building blocks for any painting. As you can see, the new painting has several diagonals pointing to the main character, and a palm tree keeping the viewer inside the picture. The values (in another words the lighting) are more consistent in the new painting. The direction of the light is not obvious in the old painting. There are shadows pointing to several directions, and the lighting of objects conflict with each other.

The new painting also has a story, which an artist might easily forget when concentrating on the technical execution. And from a technical point of view, the edge variation has improved. That means there are both soft and hard edges being used. Usually the hardest edges are where the light is strongest, and the shadow side should have softer edges to add depth. It’s also important to vary the level of detail and keep the focal point (the pirate in this case) most detailed. One needs to stop the painting when it’s still fresh, instead of adding details to every part of the painting.

As usual, the painting process was published on my Facebook page:…. Please consider liking the page if you want to have your comments heard during the process of any future paintings.

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Awsome wow!!!!!! love ittttt
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Both paintings are so cute! I didn't even pick up on a lot of what you wrote until you pointed it out. To me, they both looks very nice. Good job on the improvements!
I can't believe you got even better! You're a wonderful artist! Clap 
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This is very cool. I would agree with you on your improvements; I could come up with a story from this one a lot easier as well. The composition on this one is significantly better and more interesting. I love the way you did the rocks and I'm really not sure why XD. Love it, keep it up!
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OMIGAWD this is awsome!
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This is so cool!
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Wow thank you for the badge 💗💗
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Well, they're both very cute! However, I think you're right about the areas of improvement. Good job! Wish I could paint like that ;)
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definite improvement
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Wonderful drawingClap Clap Clap Huggle! 
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This looks kinda cute, something you would see in the pages of a good childrens story book.
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Reminds me of Redwall stuff.
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I like the expressive poses you gave to your animal pirates.Also the tropical background is amazing!
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Awesome painting! Well done!
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Amazing improvement!
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A great and cute piece. :)
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