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The Explorer

By arisuonpaa
This one started as a random scribble until something recognisable started to appear. It's a darker theme than usual, but it's good to step outside the comfort zone once in a while.

The final painting looks way different compared to the first sketch, and things changed quite a lot after each step. The step-by-step process can be seen on my Facebook page as usual:….
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MayLouise's avatar
This looks so awesomly beautiful.
My favourite images are about flying towns, cloudy ambiances, riding very large animals (so large they sometimes have a whole house on the back) and, in a global manner, positive beautiful colours that tell a story to my imagination.
You have succeeded to make me travel in my head. Thank you very much :)
vortex50002's avatar
I love the application on the mammoth (or elephant)
bodequam's avatar
Now I want to know the story.  Who are those walking?  What is so important they travel in the rain?!
Apartian's avatar
wooow, what the...? All good paintings start from an interesting scribble it seems :D
XruamarieX's avatar
This is really cool. I love when scribbles start to form a picture, it's so fun.
heidi137's avatar
Wonderful work dear, great artHuggle! 
LaviniaChu's avatar
fabulous, just when i was thinking of mammoths <3
Andared's avatar
Love the textures and shading here.
MisdermeanerJ's avatar
Looks like a lot of details D: Nice job!
AmbergrisElement's avatar
Huh.A dark stranger arrived in a blizzard in a city.I won´t call it 'dark',but it´s surely impressive and a bit intimidating.Lovely work!
bluehufsa's avatar
It reminds me of the MMORPG Perfect World scenery. Hehe, good ol' memories :)
magdali-na's avatar
Apothocareon's avatar
The subject and message conseale is now read with clarity. Lovely, rainy peaceful entry or perhaps farewell.
Love this! Great artwork!Love 
arieasciolla's avatar
Wow! Awesome job!
DavidMunroeArt's avatar
Thats really lovely, well done
abonny's avatar
Really awesome!
rockettreverie's avatar
You've done a great job setting the atmosphere for this one, with the colors you used and the way you showed the rain. Looks like there could be quite a story behind what's going on in the picture! :D
ThoughtWeaver's avatar
Another excellently done piece that presents a curious scene to be thought of. Lovely work! :D
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