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Lighting Tutorial

By arisuonpaa
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Usually I don't share my quick studies, but maybe someone else can benefit from this too.

This is something I learnt from an art class I'm following on Basically you paint something in neutral overcast light and then use adjustment layers to alter the lighting.

So I grabbed some items and spent an hour painting them in an uninteresting lighting. Then I dropped the intensity of the image (hue/saturation/lightness filter) with an adjustment layer and started painting the light by masking it out. I made the effect stronger by painting some warm tone in an addition layer, also covering the bounce light in shadows. Finally there's some warmth added at the edge of the strong light (bloom effect).

Doing the lights separately allows you to try out different lighting setups without repainting the whole thing every time. It's much like you would do in a 3D app. And it's so much fun! 😁

For those that are into 3D it would be like doing only local color and an ambient occlusion pass. Then adding a directional light and a less intense bounce light opposite to the main light. Then a bloom filter as a bonus. Maybe I should try this on Blender and compare my hand painted results with a 3D render. I might learn something from that... 
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This is a really interesting way to do lighting! I always have trouble nailing down a lighting style I like. Which schoolism course was it, specifically? I'd really like to know more about it!
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It's "Painting with Light and Color".

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Thanks! Someone would need to suggest it as a DD first :)

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you're pointing at something big here, I am struggling about light a lot and I take note of the schoolism reference too, thanks a lot and kuddo :)
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Neat, nice, and helpful to better understand lighting. Thank you. 
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Very impressive and very interesting.  Thanks for putting that up.
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Wow!! This is such an interesting change! I love it!

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That's so cool! The dramatic lighting really makes a lot of difference - very awesome!
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I know! And it almost felt like cheating when I started painting that light by just manipulating a layer mask.

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