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This one took a bit longer than my usual paintings. I spent a good amount of time just studying old oil paintings and tried to take whatever I liked in each of them into my own work. After doing several small thumbnail sketches I chose one and repainted it larger.

I'm still using the Digital Atelier pack for Krita, but this time I tried to take things even further in my quest for a traditional feel in a digital painting. For one, I used a limited palette, like the old masters had to when most of their pigments were earth colors. There's a great temptation to increase the saturation, but this way it looks more traditional. Also, I made sure the canvas texture is visible everywhere, except where I'm simulating thicker paint (which is in the brightest highlights). Some of the brushes already add the canvas texture, but I also added it in a separate layer where needed. Also, a generic brush stroke pattern was used, which is most visible in the sky and the lower right corner in shadow.

Special thanks to my co-workers who helped with critique, and who pointed out lots of obvious errors I just couldn't see.
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hi, can you share with me one of the pastel brushes of the digital atelier set please? You see the whole brush set costs too much in my currency for a hobbyist like me. 
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Sorry but I would consider that piracy. Maybe you can try contacting the author of that brush set instead?

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i did on twitter but he was talking about a priced bundle with lower price bundle that isn't available anymore
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Holy, exquisitely majestic! This Wondrous Harbor is stunning and The Ship looks incredible. The designs, docking port, bridge, background ship silhouettes, ocean, waves, ripples, water, boat, sailors, sails, masts, stern, flags, sky, sunrise, sun, reflection, clouds, mist, gleam, glow, shadows, crewman, interaction, barrels, buoys, rope, crates, town, tower, buildings, marketplace, architecture, wind, movement, flow, effects, perspective, realisticness, atmosphere, hues, textures, concept, composition, uniqueness, style, lighting, colors, and other details are also sensational. Amazingly Beautiful work! :iconfantasticplz:
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thanks for the llama :)
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Your lighting effects are beautiful~! I love how you rendered the clouds and the sails~!
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This is beautiful.

Your description kind of stress me out though, it seems so much more troublesome than just doing it in traditional. Nothing against digital, but it intrigues me why is it so important to you to emulate things like the texture of the canvas. The brushstrokes I get it, cause they add a painterly aesthetic. But, the emulation on how the paint would affect the patter if the piece was in a canvas goes over my head. Also, is important to point out that the old master before the XVIII century painted in wood, not canvasses, the change was made because canvas were lighter and better when painting big pieces. Only when modern art started (impressionism and what not) that the use of canvasses really started being the norm - since tubes of paint were invented and artists could now go paint in the fields.    

Again, I love the piece Heart, please don't mind my ramblings.
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Good point on old masters using wood. I just like the natural texture you get out of canvas, but I agree the brush marks are more important.

Having painted both digitally and traditionally I see benefits in both. Right now with small kids it's just hard to use oils, compared to spending a few moment on a digital painting. For example this painting was done in a span of several weeks, mostly when our kids were asleep. And I brought my laptop twice to my son's guitar class just to get some painting time. Digital painting is also less stressful, since you can always undo. That helps to explore things without a fear of ruining your piece. But I do love painting with real paint, and I'm trying to arrange some time to paint outdoors. After all, laptop screen wouldn't work in a sunlight :). And I still see value in combining best from both worlds. I'm already exploring some ways to get thick paint on my digital pieces.
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Oh, as I said, I see nothing wrong with using digital media. The emulating of a media by another for me is an extra step that may get in the way of pursuing even better pieces in that media. Like acrylic painters developing techniques for their paintings to look like oils instead of just using oils; like oil painters using so much medium cause they want a more liquid paint and in the process destroying the balance between pigmento and binder (for me, they should do watercolor). 

The canvas texture is a repetitive pattern and as I spend some time making very small paintings it became a little more like a bother to me. But, if you like it, go for itNod ... As I said, I was just rambling.
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So beautiful!
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Classic style, looks awesome!
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Sunrise?  Just having made harbor and dropped anchor.  It must be quite a storm beyond the harbor to have run in and hastily dropped anchor under such a press of canvass.  The wind is from the sea, ands rather on the strong side, judging by thru sails and waves,  I think your texture is consist with the weather.  I'm more bothered by the press of sail so far in harbor.  Still, I think you accomplished what you set out to do... and then some.
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You're absolutely right about the sails :). Thanks.
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This is very cool! It looks like it would fit right into some beach house decor. Keep up the good work!
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An amazing work Heart You have found the feeling you were looking for, it feels like an oil painting. I should point out that there are some areas where the added texture is hard, especially in the water near the pier. Maybe this conditions me a little to see the texture and not be able to fully assimilate the idea of ​​work. But it's a great job anyway
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