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And Back Again

There are many paintings of Gandalf and Bilbo starting a journey, so I wanted to paint one where they are returning home. I'm still searching for my style by trying to keep things loose and leaving distinct brush strokes.

This painting started as a test for a paint program I've been making, but most of it was still done in Corel Painter. Some adjustments were done with Photoshop. The hobbit hole was referenced from photos taken on the Lord of the Rings movie set.
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Beautiful, mervelous, very touchful artwork.

yes, this exactly.

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This is very nice!
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i do love your artstyle, its calming and you can really imagine to walk along gandalf and bilbo in this world
This is so cool!  I love it!  Thank you!!!
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Very nice! I love that it has such sharp brush edges and not all smoothed out. 
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Nice choice of color palette here! Excellent proportions and perspective! The visual trajectoire though seems to stall from the left but thanks to the lack of profondeur from the right which brings balance to your main piece! :thumbsup:
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AMAZING!!! Check out mine if youre interested :) I also do some hobbiton artworks (traditional art)
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This is so nice :) I would totally hang this on my wall if I lived on my own
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Waw awesome work !
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Really beautiful! I love the warm but fresh atmosphere.
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I love the warm colors and sunny environment ^^ You did a great job on this!
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The idea and its depiction are lovely, but Bilbo came home to find his house and furnishings being auctioned off. Not quite so peaceful as this.  
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Love the colour tones! Keep it up!
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Simply beautiful. Great work!
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Beautiful work.  I love the scratchiness of the painting. 
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I love the painting. Very atmospheric and just beautiful!
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Really beautiful work. It captures what's special about the story and their relationship. Wonderful!!
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Wow! It's beautiful
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