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3D Portrait 03

By arisuonpaa
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I'm continuing my research on realistic human rendering. So far I've tried Iray and Blender Cycles but now I figured out there's a free indie license for Octane Render. Originally I tested a model I had created in Character Creator, but something was off. So I swapped it to a 3D scan I had purchased earlier (link here:…). Having 8k textures included with the scan did improve the results, but not as much as I was hoping. But it also shipped with a Marmoset scene and that helped me to figure out what was wrong with my skin shader. In essence I had to add a subtle metal layer on top of the original skin material consisting of a specular material with Random Walk SSS medium. The metal layer was set to a blue hue to give nice contrast to the warm skin tones.

This piece also worked as another experiment with hair. It's a hair card setup purchased from Daz store:…. I had an impression one should use strand based hair for the best results, but with proper shaders it seems to give better results than what I've seen done with Blender's particle hair. Again I spent a lot of time trying to get best out of the Octane materials. My workflow was to add a specular material and adjust transmission, reflection and IOR until one gets a nice translucency effect. Then diffuse and metal layers were added and their ratios adjusted for the best results.
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Excellent job! Thanks for the explanation. Fav

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I'm glad someone actually read that :)

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Wow, that's a very realistic 3D portrait. Very well done!

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Impressive work on this! This looks really good~! :)

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Excellent work.

I find the Octane render too complex to work with effectively. For me, the complete conversion from Iray to Octane would be too complicated.

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I found Iray to be hard instead. If I wanted to use something other than the default shaders in Character Creator I had to use Substance Designer to design new MDL materials. And I had to read through the whole MDL manual to get decent results with hair cards for example.

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Do you need an RTX GPU for this Octane to look good?

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Nope. It's just faster to render if you have one. RTX wasn't even enabled by default in the settings.

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Excellent work. I'm particularly impressed with her eyes!

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Thanks! It's a simple two layer approach which seems to work quite nicely. Previously I was using a complex material with multiple mixes and masks but didn't get any better results. My guess is it's crucial to get the eyelids to rest naturally on top of the eyeball for it to look realistic.

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