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Ari Suonpää
Having lived most of my life in small Finnish towns have given me an opportunity to be inspired by the country's rich nature on a daily basis. Painting and drawing have been my passion since a child. One of my fondest memory from school was a time when we spent an art class outside drawing an old iron works.

Being also an engineer keeps me intrigued by all the digital tools for creating art, but meanwhile I've always enjoyed landscapes by the old masters. This must be the reason why most of my paintings are created using digital tools, but they still look almost identical to my traditional paintings. When not in front of my computer, I like to do studies into my sketchbook, and paint using oils and acrylics. Most popular subjects in my paintings are nature and people, since it's easy to appreciate the beauty in both subjects. Being a fan of fantasy genre, sometimes a dragon or two might also end up into my paintings.

What keeps me painting is the chance to create beauty out of nothing. I like to paint in realistic style, but not just to copy what I see. The feeling of control comes from the ability to combine things you like from several sources, be it something seen outside, or something inside my head.


This one took a bit longer than my usual paintings. I spent a good amount of time just studying old oil paintings and tried to take whatever I liked in each of them into my own work. After doing several small thumbnail sketches I chose one and repainted it larger.

I'm still using the Digital Atelier pack for Krita, but this time I tried to take things even further in my quest for a traditional feel in a digital painting. For one, I used a limited palette, like the old masters had to when most of their pigments were earth colors. There's a great temptation to increase the saturation, but this way it looks more traditional. Also, I made sure the canvas texture is visible everywhere, except where I'm simulating thicker paint (which is in the brightest highlights). Some of the brushes already add the canvas texture, but I also added it in a separate layer where needed. Also, a generic brush stroke pattern was used, which is most visible in the sky and the lower right corner in shadow.

Special thanks to my co-workers who helped with critique, and who pointed out lots of obvious errors I just couldn't see.
Beauty Among Blossoms
This time a full painting using Digital Atelier brush pack for Krita. I really like the traditional effect from those brushes. Wish I had time (and space) to use real oils. Santa brought me a water color set, so maybe that's a good compromise between oils and digital.

Stock used:
Another one for my series of quick studies. Still looks a bit overworked. Maybe I should do a few master studies from paintings by Richard Schmid to figure out how to keep my paintings loose and fresh.
My first try with a new Digital Atelier bundle for Krita. I think the end results are just what I've been searching for my digital workflow. More quick studies will follow later.


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