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So this is something I kinda whipped up on the train ride home and then finished at home. For this one, I made now title on or border on the image. 100% raw space

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I've downloaded a lot of space art from DA over the last few years and this would have to be my favourite desktop wallpaper. Not bad for something you kinda whipped up on the train!

Would love to be able to buy a large version of this from the DA print shop to have framed on my wall, hint, hint. :) (Smile) 

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Well, if you really wanted one, I could print it myself. I have a high quality printer I bought for prints. I would charge cheaper as well. Hit my email up if you're interested-
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wow, your light source and the rings on the planet:+fav:
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This reminds me of an old piece of mine, "Ringness." I think you did it better :P
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Wow they are similar. Idk man, theres a lot of things i dont like about mine haha. The planet texture is good in mine and thats about it
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Awesome job as always.
I love those rings and the lightning.
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Absolutely no problem! ;)
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This is awesome!!! Love it!
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Really like the rings, props!
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Beutiful! i love how the rings torned out! how have you made the so preaty?
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lots of practice my friend!
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well i don't want to ofende you or eny other artist who wants to keep their work style in secret but i allways kinda hate wend people awser my question and say "lots of practice" =p i don't know maybe that made me serach tutorials and walktroughs about every thing... well keep up the great work :wave:
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Well see what I discovered is that tutorials only give you knowledge. They don't make better space pieces. You need to understand the tutorial, then take it and use the techniques into your own style. And trial and error you will get better every time
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Ya i know tutorials its some times like school lessons for me i might use some stuff i learned, or maybe not, or some times i use some stuf i learned myself like as an example "The calm of the left in peace" wich i learned myself how to make a 100% texture in Psc5. so i know what you are saing but has i said its only for mw how to learn how to do somethinhg and then i can use that knolage as i want =)
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