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June 18, 2021
Aurora by Arisaria
Suggested by Aurora-Silver
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a birthday present for :iconaurora-silver: - her dragoness in chibi-plush form! :D

She had her birthday a week ago, but I wanted to make sure the plushie arrived before posting pictures.

It was my first time embroiding something so complex as her eye (I mean, complex for my standards ^^; I even tried to do a gradient) I did it by hand. Embroiding on fur is really annoying! :XD:

The tip of the tail is painted. 

ref used:…

I had to omit few details, it would be very hard to implement them on such a small scale... not to mention the change in proportions.

:iconlord-lavrahtheen: paid for the materials and for little Aurora's journey. I did the rest ;)
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Congratulations on your well-deserved DD. :)

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Thank you :D It was something completely unexpected ^^;

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HOLY HOLY HOLY, first off, I apologize for taking sooooo long to write a comment - then again, I must admit, I have been secretly waiting to say this...


You deserve it so very much, my dear.

The moment I got the package, I got so excited, I barely found ANY words. (I made a reaction video, but sadly, I wasn't able to compromise it enough, yet. So it was sadly always too huge to be sent...)

You will not believe... how happy I am, because words fail to describe it. Larvrahtheen might have told you that I already guessed what you are going to gift me, lets just say I had an intuition - and a very wild "desire" to receive one of your plushies BECAUSE THEY ARE SIMPLY THE BEST!! To have guessed right, did not lower my joy at all. Rather the opposite, I literally cried and screamed when I held the plushy in my hands.

She is so soft! And then, all the details... let me tell you that even my parents could barely believe that this was handmade and when I said it is, they were so impressed... I kept showing this baby around and everybody was envious that I received such a gift.

Know that you are a very special, gifted, talented person! Personally I enjoy sewing, but I never made it that far (tbh last time I did that, was when I fixed my own clothing, but thats it).

You keep rocking on, girl. Your works aer stunning and awesome and they make people so happy! <3

The baby is now sitting on my bed and watches over me every night : D

Keep up your spirit and your great work! You deserve any attention and praise for what you do. You turned my birthday - a day where I am usually not very happy - into the greatest day ever.

Well, long as my comment has turned out now, I get the feeling that I might have forgot something... ah, I'm gonna tell you once I recall it xD

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of all the things, what makes me the happiest is the fact that you liked the plushie - that was the reason I made little Aurora in the first place :)

Thank you for suggesting her as a DD and thank you for believing in my - I'll try my best to be deserving of such a high praise

(I mostly learned how to sew on doll klothes, I used to make a lot of them ;P I probably shoud submit some of them too ^^; )

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You deserve it, dear. You fully deserve it. Just look at the many views, thats almost 4 times more than my last DD got - and I think that says a lot : P You deserve all the praise and I'm happy for you :D

Yes, I love love love her so much >u< and its so personal, too. In a positive way, of course. To have your fursona / persona as a plushie. You don't find this in shops! xD Heck I once thought if I take a blanc wolf figure I could maybe craft on it, to have a small figure of her, but I never tried.

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that was one of the reasons why I learned how to make plushies - to make my own characters :D and then never post their pictures, just like my drawings 🙃

I should probably change that ^^;

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Yes, definitely! I would love to see your plushies, and your drawings, too :D

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I'll try ^^; though my drawings are barely above my highschool levels and are only good to show how a character is more-or-less supposed to look like ;P and for a base for a, well...

...making a plushie ^^;

(or for @Lord-Lavrahtheen so he can visualise how characters in my stories look like ;))

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Aww Super Cute!!! :love: Congrats on your much Deserved, DD!!! :clap:

For My Personal Use Only
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thank you very much :D I'm glad you think so :)

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Before I read the description, I was amazed by the embroidery in the eye, how beautiful it turned out!! Cat omg The whole plush looks soft, even the horns and wings, how nice it must be to feel it :B

You're improving fast at making plushies, can't wait to see more! pink heart {big}

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Thank you! I haven't been practicing as much as I should lately, feeling utterly unmotivated, but I'll try to change that soon ^^; as soon as that awful heatwave passes :shifty:

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Absolutely adorable! Aurora-Silver is very lucky to have friends like you! Wonderfully made!

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she deserves the best :D

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Her right eye makes her look like she's winking :XD:

She's an absolutely adorable little fluff-ball :aww:

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thank you very much, I tried to make her as fluffy as possible ;)

Lord-Lavrahtheen's avatar

And you most definitely had great success with that :D

(can confirm :B)

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you did see her live ;P

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