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I still stuck to my original ides of having a shot of the neighborhood, only this time around it's the ENTIRE neighborhood in a double page spread. I also took the opportunity to give grown up Yume a new opera shot.
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You have definitely show the work in the term art "work".Good job.
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amazing ! can't wait for Batgirl #10
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This is Effin' impressive. I do NOT have the patience to use a ruler to draw all this. I would do all that background work in a 3d program if I did a layout like this.
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HOLY MOLY. :omg: this is amazing stuff.
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O-M-G!!! I am going to put out a hit on you...soon!! Very soon!!! Very awesome work Alitha!!!
woowwww, you killin that brush, love this
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ty :0) now only 9 pages to goooo.
wow, you are killin it
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great work kisura ariotstorm:)
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We all have a technique that has its difficulties
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I don't know why it's like pulling teeth to add a shadow to the next page and upload it but it is.
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Amazing...this is an inspiring shot
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Marvelous! How long did it take?
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Hi, ty for stopping by and for your kind words. This took days and days. I actually started it a while ago but only put the screws to the grind and finished it once I reached the half way point of issue 3. This took the most work of any page I've ever done. About 14 days in total.
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