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:iconariogrimmre:ArioGrimmRe posted a status
Eyyy it's ze dragon witch! Still waiting to get Henry though.

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LittleMisZoruaArt Featured By Owner Edited Nov 6, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Is it bad that I'm literally crying over getting a BASE 5* Sakura instead of the Halloween Jakob I want so badly? And what's worse, a post on Tumblr of someone getting the Jakob I COULD'VE gotten just rubbed salt in the wound.

maybe I'm being extremely petty, but I couldn't even get Deirdre OR Sigurd on their banner, and I was having an extremely stressful past couple of weeks. Needless to say, Heroes hasn't been doing much to ease said stress. It's been about a week and I STILL don't have a single Halloween unit.
ArioGrimmRe Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I don't see it as a bad reaction given the context. I wanted to get Jacob or Henry so badly and would've been happy no matter which one it was. Instead I got Nowi and in addition to that freaking Sakura destroyed my "pity bonus" for special units just yesterday. You could say that I'm having a similar problem here. T-T

I'm having a dejaveu from those two Summer banners and the Easter banner. I wanted Chrom for the Easter banner, but got Lucina instead. I tried to get Frederick for the Ylisse Summer banner and got nothing. I spend all my orbs to get Leo on the Nohrian Summer banner (seriously, that was the character I wanted most so far in all themed banners) and got Corrin and Elise on the banners last day! =_=

I usually use Heroes to ease my stress as well, but right now that isn't really working. I guess that's what I get, after the game being so generous to me with the last two themed banners. I didn't get Sigurd and Deirdre on their banner either. Actually I didn't get anyone. The fact that the banner themed after my favorite holiday isn't going like I want it to doesn't really help here. 😓
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