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Bat Pony Alicorn by ArioGrimmRe Bat Pony Alicorn by ArioGrimmRe
My entry for the weekly challenge on Pony Town Amino. The task was to draw your oc as a alicorn princess or write a story about it.

Also taking the chance to introduce my third Oc Nocturnyx. He's a lively changeling and sort of a little mischief maker. He disguises himself as a pegasus by the name Twoface and works as a local actor and part time nurse in Rainbow Falls.

Now enjoy the short dialogue I wrote in addition to the drawing. 😄


Lucid: "Hm...well. I guess I still need to get used to this princess thingy."
Sugarglaze: "I can't believe your a princess now! I didn't even know that bat ponies could become alicorns. That's so exciting!!"
Lucid: "Really? I mean I just earned myself a horn and a useless title."
Sugarglaze: "It's not a useless title. It means your royalty. It's unbelievable."
Nocturnyx: "Well I can't believe that I'm a prince now either."
Sugarglaze: "Nocturnyx wha-!"
Nocturnyx: "Hi guys. What do you think of my new royal look."
Sugarglaze: "Wha? How? Uh why? Uhhh I-I'm confused."
Lucid: "Ah the possibilities of being a changeling hehe."
Nocturnyx: "Nehehe. Well since you have been promoted to the status of a alicorn princess I thought I just adapt to the change. Now bow before prince Twoface."
Sugarglaze: "In your dreams. Just because you have a horn and wings, doesn't mean you're royalty all of a sudden."
Nocturnyx: "Oh really. Princess Celestia, princess Luna, Queen Chrysalis blah blah blah. They all have horns and wings. Coincidence?"
Sugarglaze: "Uhm yes."
Lucid: "Could you two calm down."
Sugarglaze: "Now change back. Your just making yourself suspicious."
Nocturnyx: "Why? Lucid earned her horn so why shouldn't I be able to do the same?"
Sugarglaze: "That's not an argument. You can't keep this appearance. It's too conspicuous."
Nocturnyx: "Well I'm a prince now. Of course I look special."
Sugarglaze: "Are you even listening. That's not the point and your not royal in any way."
Nocturnyx: "Really? I'm the son of the changeling queen. That technically makes me a changeling prince."
Sugarglaze: "What! Your little theory would imply that every single changeling is royal now. That doesn't make much sense."
Lucid: "Alright it's enough. Please stop now!"
Nocturnyx: "Of course it makes sense. How do you know I'm wrong with this?"
Sugarglaze: "How do I know your not a flat out liar?"
Lucid: "Somepony please get me Princess Twilight. I have a friendship problem here."
Nocturnyx: "I don't have a problem. This is all her fault." *Nocturnyx points at Sugarglaze*
Sugarglaze: "My fault?! I didn't turn myself into a fake alicorn!"
Lucid: "Graaaah." *Lucid slams her head into the next tree*

And they argued happily ever after.

Looks like Sugarglaze and Nocturnyx got into a little argument after Lucid Soul was promoted to the status of an alicorn princess. Good thing Lucid is there to solve her friends little dispute.
Or maybe not.

I thought of the title "Princess of the magical balance" for Lucid Soul. Her purpose as an alicorn would be to keep and protect the balance between good and evil in Equestria and ensure that magic is spread equally through the land. As for fake alicorn Nocturnyx I guess he's uhm...."the almighty prince of trolling"? XD

Characters belong to me. Please don't steal, trace, etc.
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