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Ready for class by ArioGrimmRe Ready for class :iconariogrimmre:ArioGrimmRe 14 0 Lucid Soul - SSSfGU ref. sheet by ArioGrimmRe Lucid Soul - SSSfGU ref. sheet :iconariogrimmre:ArioGrimmRe 8 3 Snowflakes by ArioGrimmRe Snowflakes :iconariogrimmre:ArioGrimmRe 18 6 Pokecember day 3: Grass type by ArioGrimmRe Pokecember day 3: Grass type :iconariogrimmre:ArioGrimmRe 17 0 Pokecember day 2: Water type by ArioGrimmRe Pokecember day 2: Water type :iconariogrimmre:ArioGrimmRe 22 3 Pokecember day 1: Normal type by ArioGrimmRe Pokecember day 1: Normal type :iconariogrimmre:ArioGrimmRe 11 2 Fluffy but deadly - DT by ArioGrimmRe Fluffy but deadly - DT :iconariogrimmre:ArioGrimmRe 9 2 Crystal Enix ref. sheet - request by ArioGrimmRe Crystal Enix ref. sheet - request :iconariogrimmre:ArioGrimmRe 11 2 Blood Moon by ArioGrimmRe Blood Moon :iconariogrimmre:ArioGrimmRe 7 0 Goretober day 5: Full Moon by ArioGrimmRe Goretober day 5: Full Moon :iconariogrimmre:ArioGrimmRe 7 0 Lucid Soul - new ref. sheet by ArioGrimmRe Lucid Soul - new ref. sheet :iconariogrimmre:ArioGrimmRe 8 0 Goretober day 4: Darkness by ArioGrimmRe Goretober day 4: Darkness :iconariogrimmre:ArioGrimmRe 6 0 Goretober day 3: Rot/decay or undead by ArioGrimmRe Goretober day 3: Rot/decay or undead :iconariogrimmre:ArioGrimmRe 5 0 Goretober day 2: Witchsona by ArioGrimmRe Goretober day 2: Witchsona :iconariogrimmre:ArioGrimmRe 7 5 Goretober day 1: Autumn vibes by ArioGrimmRe Goretober day 1: Autumn vibes :iconariogrimmre:ArioGrimmRe 6 2 Lucent Trail the lunar mage by ArioGrimmRe Lucent Trail the lunar mage :iconariogrimmre:ArioGrimmRe 11 0



Heya! Guess who’s back from the dead...yeah me. Big surprise there. Did I miss anything?
Sorry for the long hiatus, but I’ve had some personal problems that I needed to take care of. I didn’t expect or plan to be gone this long. ;w;
Screw it! Imma do Pokecember too! baconbirdie got me motivated. Thanks for that mate! XD

embedded_item1512246309503 by ArioGrimmRe
When you aimlessly run around Ten Carat Hill to fill up your Pokedex and then suddenly stumble across this!

That just made my day! And I'm not even that obsessed with chasing after shinys. Now I need to find a fitting name for this little guy.

embedded_item1511631044203 by ArioGrimmRe
Whoa! I just realized that I reached 100 watchers! Thank you all so very much for this! It means a lot to me. :D

I might be doing a raffle or challenge to celebrate this, as soon as I'm less busy with school. It should be getting better in December.
Aaaand Lucid evolved into....Mewcid!

Huge shout-out to my friend Average on Equestria Ponies Amino for...turning my oc into a cat! He spend nearly the entire last day for this awesome gift and it turned out so nice! X3

embedded_item1510945021776 by ArioGrimmRe
Yas school is over, which means I can finally start playing Pokemon US/UM!! :D
Gaaahhh look at my adorable babu! It's so cute! 😍💕

Thank you so much Natty!! I love it! ^w^
I promise to finish my part as soon as possible!
(Design Trade) smol, very smol
Here is my part of my design trade with ArioGrimmRe! (Go watch them they are really cool and they have really good art please watch them please and ty~)
I love how I designed them, this design was a bit easier to do since it was to be a specific Pokémon, but I still had a lot of fun designing them!
I hope you like them ;w;

Want to do a design trade with me? Feel free to ask, I'll be more than happy to design trade with anyone ^w^

Design made by me
Pokémon belongs to Game Freak
Sneak-peek of my new oc Victor. He's a mutated human with Zoroark genes. He works as a performer at a amusement park, entertaining visitors with his shapeshifting abilities.

embedded_item1509995466149 by ArioGrimmRe
A quick shout-out toooo... OmegaLombax194 for giving me this wonderful little guy!! I always wanted a shiny Umbreon and now I finally have one! Again thank you so much! I promise he's in good hands!

Go check out Omega's profile and gallery, if you haven't already. I really recommend it.

I guess I nickname him Willow Wisp. You know like Will-o'-the-wisp. I know it's not nicknamable, but I can still pretend. XD

embedded_item1509798749454 by ArioGrimmRe
Eyyy it's ze dragon witch! Still waiting to get Henry though.

embedded_item1509549769995 by ArioGrimmRe
Hellfire! Dark fire! Now gypsy, it's your turn!

Okay, okay I stop, but some lines are just the perfect quote for the perfect time. I'm just glad that I finally found a way to get him in lunatic mode before it's to late. Especially after I was so close to losing again, because Setsuna was already low on health right at the start. I really don't know how I managed to prevent her from getting attacked again throughout the entire battle, but whatever.

embedded_item1508855802347 by ArioGrimmRe
What have I done? I didn't expect that you could actually use these as the wallpaper of your phone in South Park - the fractured but whole. 0_0

Tsuuuuuun Idk but you might wanna see this? XD

embedded_item1508693104481 by ArioGrimmRe
Hehe luck hit me twice today. Even though I was aiming for Shigure, but who am I to complain? °w°

embedded_item1507669456396 by ArioGrimmRe
I'd thought I'd give this game a go. It's funnier than I expected and a good way to pass some time whenever you got nothing else to do.
Welp Magikarp was never such a awesome Pokemon before! Also got myself Mimikyu and will get Gengar next. I just love ghost type Pokemon.

embedded_item1507234511111 by ArioGrimmRe
Hey peeps!

Would someone volunteer to help a fellow artist out? It surely is a big request, but I can assure you that it would be very appreciated by the person in question.
The original status has been deleted
A huge thanks to all the wonderful people who wished me a happy birthday! You guys are the best, don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise. I couldn't be happier right now. ^w^

I'm also terribly sorry that I wasn't able to post much recently. I've been terribly sick with a nasty flu and an infection on the middle ear, but I'm almost fully recovered again. And hopefully I'm able to go to school again next Monday, because I miss my class and I can't wait anymore to find out what my friends got me for birthday this year. Last year it was a figure of the cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland.

Also here's the stuff I got so far. My parents got me a new Manga, a tutorial book, some awesome new watercolor markers, that I can't wait to use and also some spare money for my driving license.

Anyways, I wish you all a wonderful week! :D

embedded_item1505934928693 by ArioGrimmRe
I was tempted to choose Roy, but in the end I took Ike. He was pretty much the character that got me interested in Fire Emblem and is still my favorite character to play as in Smash Bros, so yeah.

embedded_item1504186948840 by ArioGrimmRe


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Hi there, person who happend to stumble over my DA page. My name's Ario Grimmre. I'm just some random, chaotic Artist (or at least I try to become one XD) that somehow ended up here. Well if I want to improve anytime soon, I have to show my stuff to other People after all. Am I right?

Constructive criticism and tips to improve are always welcomed and appreciated.



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