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I’m available now for two kinds of commission work: illustrations and design work.

Illustrations are finished drawings/paintings of an established or clearly-defined character or vehicle or environment (or a combination thereof). These can be done in a numbers of different styles, such as photorealistic (color with no lines), comic style  (painted color with lines),  cel-shaded style (flat color with lines), or manga style (monochrome shading with lines). I can also do maps in a variety of styles.

Design work involves me coming up with a new design for a character, vehicle, or environment based on your specifications. There are a number of ways to do this, and it is sometimes a multi-stage process, but I’ve found that often the most effective way to begin is with a thumbnail sheet in which I sketch out a variety of possibilities and variations for a design. At that point the process can move to a more detailed individual design, or another round of thumbnails based on feedback, possibly leading to a finished illustration; whatever the client desires.

Pricing varies with the complexity of the piece; describe in detail what you’re looking for, and I’ll quote you a price. Here are some general guidelines:

  • Colored character bust/headshot with no background: $90 (example)
  • Colored full-body character or vehicle with no background: $135 (example)
  • Colored full-body character or vehicle with simple background: $180 (example)
  • Colored background or environment (depending on complexity): +$45-180 (example)
  • Single character or vehicle design sketch: ~$90 (example)
  • Design thumbnail sheet with basic coloring: ~$180 (example)
  • Linework only (no color): half-price

Payment: For a normal commission I ask for payment up-front, delivered via PayPal or electronic transfer. If the commission is exceptionally large or there is some kind of special circumstance, I can probably agree to a portion of the payment up front and the rest on delivery. Just ask. Work is usually completed as I have free time; it usually takes at least a few weeks between the time that a commission is accepted until it is finished. If the work needed is time-sensitive, be sure to mention this when inquiring.

Subject Matter: Almost anything is valid subject matter for a commission; existing third party characters, your original characters, or my own original characters. I don’t have any problem producing “adult” subject matter, though I have found that I’m not comfortable doing “adult” depictions of my own characters. If in doubt, it doesn't hurt to ask.

File Format: Unless requested otherwise, digital illustrations are created using Photoshop and delivered in digital format (either a flat JPEG or PNG file, a layered PSD file, or both). I usually use a 2000-3000 pixel wide canvas for typical illustrations. This is at about double web-display resolution, and prints out at 8.5x11" size at about 250 dpi. If you have need for higher resolution (such as for a large poster) or a special file format, please be sure to mention this when inquiring about pricing, as very large canvases can add to the amount of work required.

Contact: To request a commission or to ask for more information, you can contact me via note, or directly via email at Include as much detail as you can about what you’re interested in. You can also ask any questions you might have in the comments below.

Thanks for your attention and consideration!

I signed up for this DeviantArt account ages ago, but never got around to putting anything in it until today.