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Stars in Shadow: Yoral Ships

Yoral ship assets for the Stars in Shadow game project.

The Yoral have rugged small ships with potent short-range weapons. They often overwhelm their more sophisticated opponents with sheer numbers.

(updated 11/29/13 with DN & CV)
(updated 6/18/14 with transport & colony ship)
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Nick Trotta made an excellent ship inspired by the first one on this sheet.…
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With the design of the Yoral I really like their compact ships as well. Love the micro haulers that are present on the bottom right. emergency esque support ships/miners?
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They're meant to represent embarked population, carried by the transport and colony ships.
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I love the little symbols on the bridge for each ship.
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Do the Yoral have 4 legs and 4 arms or 2 legs and 4 arms?
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They originally had 8 limbs, but in the current design they have 4 arms and 2 legs, and they're physically smaller.
Missed the updated with the big guys.  I think these fellas look great!

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I like the look of these ships too. Very Homeworldian - blocky, teamstripes, symmetrical. And they really remind me of Kiith Somtaaw's design ethos.
These guys came out great, the color scheme and the overall shapes really meld together well and the weapon suites look really interesting.  Are those 'small' missile racks on the ship in the lowest right corner?
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So, in other words - the Umiak?
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In a way, yes. We've got 8 races, and there's only so many possible tactical doctrines... somebody's got to be the close-in bruisers.
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Among the species will there be different weapon oriented ones?
Like one with Lasers, others with regular Guns and others with Missiles and so on?
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There is a shared tech tree with a variety of different weapon types, but each race will have custom additions to the tree as well as special bonuses for their hull types. So, for example, the Yoral destroyer hulls might have higher than usual base defense values, and they may be comparatively cheap for the Yoral to build.
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Well what I have in mind is more like an AI choice.
For example a bug like species would research and use missile more then guns or lasers
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I expect that each race will probably have AI scripts tailored to play to whatever their individual strengths are. So I guess the answer is probably yes. All of this is still under development at the moment.
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I see, okay then
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I love these ship designs the best so far. They're awesome. Well done.
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They remind me of rock'em sock'em robots, viewed from above. ^_^

I love them anyway.
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