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Stars in Shadow: Population Icons II

A set of illustrations for the planetary populations that appear in the planet status screen. The smaller icons are currently used for moving populations around.

The official website for Stars in Shadow is live!

edit 1/25/15: added the second batch of minor races and specialist population.

More population icons:

Stars in Shadow: Population Icons III by AriochIV  Stars in Shadow: Population Icons IV by AriochIV 

Stars in Shadow is a space 4X strategy game currently under development. 
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DeepChrome's avatar
Nice. I like the immediate sense of variety I'm getting from looking at this, and looking at the individual body types. 
Imperator-Zor's avatar
I am Centaur Groot!
pirate are automatically cyborg?

also "i am Garad"
AriochIV's avatar
Not all of them are cyborgs, but a significant number are. 
Sapiento's avatar
Lovely icons. I hope I get a slot for the beta.
AlexRaccoonGlider's avatar
Ah...look at all the lonely populations..

Some of them look very cool and others appear to be based off creatures we've just only recently discovered.
DeepChrome's avatar
Really like the height variations going on here. There's just enough that you can pick the different races out, without having crazy height variations that'd break an information graphic.
Yahtzeemaybe's avatar
What happened to the other populations?
AriochIV's avatar
They're coming. This batch was mainly just the playable races.
Yahtzeemaybe's avatar
the Enfi and the Gaiad???
AriochIV's avatar
"Mainly." The Enfi are an enslaved secondary population on the Gremak homeworld. And the Gaiads, well... I had just finished the Gaia planet, so we did the Gaiads too.
psiandco's avatar
very cool map set.
goeliath's avatar
lovely bunch of aliens you got here!
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