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Outsider: Memories of Green

...but not actually green. The use of monochrome for flashbacks was both a hindrance and a crutch to lean on for this piece. I'm still figuring out the brushes in Photoshop CC, and though there are some obvious flaws, I think this piece does what it needs to do narratively and was a useful learning experience. I need to up my landscape painting game, as there are a lot of much more challenging cases coming up.

As a teenager long ago, after having moved the lawn I sat on the deck with the sun on my face and a cat at my side, and imagined a future where robots could do the mowing. The notion seemed much more futuristic then than it does now.

A panel from a recent Outsider page.
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Could be worse. Those mowing robot could've been made by Greystone industries. And we all know how lousey a track record they had this past decade.=P (Razz) :) (Smile) 
Anyway, nicely done! 
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I gather that's a Galactica reference, but I don't know enough about it to get the joke.

Greystone was the robotics company that made the cylons in the BSG reboot of 2003 and that series prequel, Caprica.

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They’re... IMPLANTS.  Those aren’t his memories, they're someone else’s. They’re Tyrell’s niece’s.
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(They're the author's.)
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Okay.  Bad joke.  I made a bad joke.

You're not a replicant.  Go home.  Okay?


...go home.
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You want a drink?

I'll get you a drink.
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Is that what he said? It was sort of mumbled.
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He says something incomprehensible intended to sound Chinese, but most people interpret it as Tsingtao.  Only thing is Tsingtao is beer, not hard liquor.  But it's the movies, what can you say?
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It's also the future (well it was then), and "Tsingtao" is a fairly commonly used name, so I wouldn't be surprised if there was some kind of hard liquor with that name.
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I think the lack of colour works really well with how memories can become faded and distant :)

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flaws? you've got the lights and shadows, ALL of them perfect.
as to detail, I can just imagine the grass as if I was there myself.

I was a Red Bluff-ian off the reeds creek, far west, as in no roads, west side. Nor Cal. REPRESENT! 
But I escaped from Ca. It got worse every year, you didn't have to ponder any conspiracy theories;
You just knew Gov Gray Davis was pulling a cash grab scam with his "Energy Crisis", 
Ask all the closing lumber and paper mills why they were closing and they would say,
"Ya know, its odd. I go right over the boarder of Ca. and there is (all of a sudden) no energy crisis, each BTU only costs $6, and not $16."
There are a lot more scams than that for the past 40 years; If I was to go into politics my job would be to say "NO" to everything, I mean it VETO EVERYTHING.
Also, I would require all bond measures be paid back with interest...
Also, I would have all proven guilty child molesters executed, starting with the celebrities and politicians.
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Though this was an Alexander flashback at first. It brings me back to my own old future fantasy. I always wanted to fly and hoped we had all jetpacks to go to school.
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So not everything hovers.
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Yeah, I don't see an advantage to a hovercraft lawnmower.
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Fair enough I just thought everything would hover since you managed to make MBTS and helicopters one and the same.
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I can see a clear advantage to a flying tank. I don't see a clear advantage to a flying lawnmower. Unless the future develops some kind of flying grass. :D
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Its the future why is everything not flying?
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