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Arioch's Workspace April 2020

A photo of my desk for the "How Does Your Workspace Look?" DA topic.

Here's my one useful digital drawing tip: I always keep a second window of the image I'm working on open to the side at a smaller size, so I can see it simultaneously zoomed in and zoomed out. This really helps prevent all kinds of proportion problems that happen when you're drawing zoomed in. In Photoshop the command is Window->Arrange->New Window for [document name]. A second monitor is ideal for this, but it can also be done on a single monitor.
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Heh heh, the old trick of stuffing a book under the monitor.
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And a volume on Unicode at that! One of the few universal languages.  
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I asked my brother if he had a thick, useless book, and that's what he gave me. :D
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i approve this! i love the clock! i have one too cause i always lose track of time. Back in the old days i knew how much time i have spent cause the CD/cassette  played until the last song and stopped , nowadays with unlimited mp3 lists hours can go by and you dont realize it until its morning again and you feel like you got ran over by a track! hahaha!
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It also has a temperature display, which I find very useful. I like being able to quantify my level of discomfort. :D
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I feel like a second monitor would just get me to procrastinate a lot :O

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Hey I have that Storm Trooper mug to. 
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