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tie your shoes

By ArinThoughts
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OMG!! A DD!!! I can't belive it :hug: Thanks you so much for the featured :icondomism: and all the pepople who :+fav: and comment this!!
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...I don't see anything?? Just random shapes...
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just so you know, you've got this set to a creative commons license...which overrules your 'stop dont use this' stamp. Creative commons = you're giving people permission to use it. If you want to retain all the rights, then I would suggest removing the creative commons license.
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((me @ gym: tie mah shoes XD))
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This is beautiful! I didn't get it at first, but it really makes me feel really nostalgic; I can hear my mum telling me this just looking at it. Nice work, and congrats :heart:
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I even hear my mother saying it....
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OMG, It is lovely
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i don't get it o-o
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Wonderfully presented piece of practical advice~ X3
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This looks so playful!
I love it~
It makes me smile~ : )

Congrads on the DD~♥
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wierdly intersting. Deserves a DD cause of such sensation. Simple, yet intersting.
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Still better then anything you did. :icontrollfaceplz:
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hehehe i know...!! :P
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Bro... It's not the artist's fault they got a DD. Take it up with the person who featured it. :iconwthplz:
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I lol'd and agree.
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I agree, but you didn't have to be so rude lol just saying
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im not rude !!! ;)
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haha well calling someone's art shit when it's not bad quality isn't really called nice. i understand you don't like it but if someone were to comment on your creations that way how would you feel? i bet you there are people who might think the same if your art was DD'd because it's not their taste, so keep it to yourself please because it's not making anyone's day better, not even your own (because if this made your day better you must get happy from making people feel bad or something).
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Whatevs. You have the right to say it, we're all free. Our words says who we're and we can't deny it.
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Why comment on the art so negatively? If you dislike a DD choice, you're supposed to take it to the moderator who featured it or the moderator who covers all of the featuring and whatnot. This just makes the artist feel bad. What if someone said such things about something you put your own time into that you felt proud of? You can brush it off all you like saying "Bah, what do I care about your opinions?" but you do care. We all care about what others think of ourselves and our work. Whether we choose to admit it or not. We are human, after all.
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its was just my point of view!! so plz..:!!!
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