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My Bio
I have the most amazing boyfriend that EVER existed! I have a very lovable kitty named Ryu. I love playing ITG (In The Groove) and DDR (Dance Dance Revolution).
I buy lots of stuff for crafts, and never end up doing anything with them. On a given day I have 50 tabs open in Chrome...Some day I'll get around to doing one of those 50 things. Too many ideas, not enough time!
I play Runescape. I love milk, and guarantee I can out drink you! Although, my boyfriend and I have yet to do a milk challenge, he thinks he can out drink me. BLASPHAMY!
Did I mention I have a website (see below). It hasn't been updated since..19...ninety.......
LOL! yea...Guess I should add that to my list..oh is there. Grr. I should clean up my list. I think I'll add that to the new list. is some more stuff.

Current Residence: Santa Cruz, California
Favourite genre of music: Techno, Industrial, Rock, Alternative, Oldies, anything really. Favorite band is Rammstein (Saw them in concert in Oakland...I never ever have to see another concert of anyones...EVER! I can die satisfied in that area), and I mostly listen to music from Dance Dance Revolution and In The Groove.
Favourite photographer: Margaret Bourke-White
Favourite cartoon characters: Professor Frink, Lain, Sailor Mercury...the teacher from Azumanga Daioh

Favourite Visual Artist
Pat Palazzo. Andrew Flores, Stacy Simmons & Lani.
Favourite Movies
Many...Battle Royale, Grave of the Fireflies, Life is Beautiful, Four Days of Naples (Italian), Pan's Labyrinth, Empire of the sun, More...
Favourite TV Shows
Many. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, American Dad, Family Guy, Family Feud, Seinfeld, More...
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
too many. Rammstein, Beatles, DJ Mystic/Mystik, DJ DEK, KAW, more.
Favourite Books
Mostly non-fiction.
Favourite Writers
Emily Dickinson and Shel Silverstein. :)
Favourite Games
ITG!!!! DDR! The Sims, Legend of Zelda, Astrowars, Gaiaonline, Tetris.
Favourite Gaming Platform
Computer? Metal dance pad. Xbox 360
Tools of the Trade
Olympus fools! Also pencil (HB?), and a computer!
Other Interests
ITG! DDR! Kittys, milk, Photography, Sleeping, Computers, and more..
Uh...not much to update. Yesterday was my birthday....woohoo! I gave my kitty, Ryu, a bath. He was a good kitty and was so happy to be clean. I even used the blow dryer on him. He's such a good boy. While I brushed and blow dryed him, he worked on his paws and front body. Good boy! <3 After, went to play some In The Groove with my boyfriend, John Beck, then we went out to Denny's where I got a free Grand Slam. So MUCH FOOD! We bought a German Chocolate Cake at safeway and EXTREME Moosetracks ice cream, but we couldn't even eat it. I had to have a tiny slice as per tradition. He sang me happy birthday (SO CUTE!!!) and then we went to bed.
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Procrastinating taking a shower. But...gotta go to bed at 8pm and be up at 4am for our trip to SoCal! Also, gonna be having lunch around 2pm then heading to arcade! Woo hoo!!
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In short.....I miss being creative. Any bit that I have in me. I hopefully will be able to do more of that. My boyfriend is asleep on my bed. I just recently moved into a 3 bedroom house. I have 2 housemates, both TEMPORARY, and a kitty. He's what...4 years old now? I'm almost at 4 years in my relationship with my boyfriend. :) I love him so much! We've been friends for...well...the first time we met was when ITG first arrived at the Boardwalk. <3 I was the first person to play on it. I hope some day it will become my machine. Between my boyfriend and I, we know own 4 DDR solo's, 2 Tetris machines, Puzz Loop, Area 51, Beatmania, Dance Mani
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Oh hey lol! I rarely use my DA over my FA, but its here XD I was so excited to get a feedback message ROFL so dead here tho
:) Me too. I planned to add photography and art, and just never got around to it. So many social media sites. I think it's all about IG now.

I came because I wanted to see your art <3

What is FA?
Thanks for the watch!
I passed by some Nickelodeon studio place in Los Angeles area (probably Burbank) this weekend and thought of you...Danny Phantom and all.
Merry X'mas!!!!!!!!