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Boy this took me a long while to finish,from scribbling to inking and coloring O_O I swear I take seven hours coloring.. Anyway,yes,Series of Unfortunate events fanart again,this time a bigger pic adding some characters from the first book to the seventh book "The Vile Village". Where an entire Village occupies the place but I can't add the village on the picture so I just added a crow :XD:.

I notice now I didn't add Mr.Poe ^^; Oh well! There's Duncan and Isadora Quagmire,Uncle Monty and his snake ;-; Aunt Josephine,That man "Sir",Vice Principal Nero,Jerome and Esme Squalor(I added Jerome cause I really liked him even though he's an idiot ;_; and thanks to Ashley for picking out the ugly dress color for Esme zee bitch!) And Count Olaf. Plus Lemony Snicket :3 :heart:
And I'm sure though Sunny may look uncomfortable carried like that but I'm sure she'd be fine :V The girl bites hard.

Series of Unfortunate Events (C) Lemony Snicket~<3
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This is so well drawn!  I love it!