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Keroro Head Tutorial

By Arilysal
Its my first time doing tutorial. Even months after the event has passed i still get people asking how to make the heads be it on DA or facebook or random people from other Cosplay websites. So i've decided to share my experience. they are no doubt flawed and inexpensive to make, but if it could inspire people to make the head even better, then i am pleased to have pioneered this cosplay. I'm also pretty sured i'm going to get "psst, that's it?" kinda comment, but, whatever, i was very passionate about making this props and i am proud of it. No doubt i will go even further then this in the future.

Next stop, light flashing katamari Dipp head!
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100th fave because this is genius :D
I would love if you could tell me where I could find and buy those food covers! I can't seem to find them anywhere, here in Sweden... :(
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ahh, finally I found a way to make a keroro head...and it's made by a malaysian (lol). I want to wear it somehow, but instead of using "tudung saji" I will try to make with round polysterine...
Arilysal's avatar
yeah, they were cheap and easy and light. Good luck with polysterine, do let us know how you make it :D
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You are a lifesaver! Thank you so much! Everyone will bow down and be jealous of my cross-dressing Keroro cosplay! :iconmuahahaplz:
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girl i will pay u for one of the heads
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whoaaa thats cool!
im going to find smaller one so it can be put on my head.. :D
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If I would have seen this before I would have done my pumpkin for halloween much faster -.-
MushaKeroro's avatar
awsome, its going to be my next cosplay >->
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people..ignore the link.
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got it..thnks a seem so easy to make it..[link]
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I never knew you use the food covering.

and... this one costume you made before wit the huge round like ball... that's te curious one...howd you made it and fit it to your car? Sorry I am not aware of the one you cosplay before with thte huge bomb like ball hee
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oh the katamari is a different story... i need to deflate it and inflate it once i am there, quite messy really
frantic-dusk's avatar
owh I see, but you manage to do a really huge ball! I am impress :)
Arilysal's avatar
its a beach ball, i didnt make it! :P
frantic-dusk's avatar
owh it is? I see. Thought it's a...bomb :p

And thought you did, its one cool beach ball :D

Happy Chinese New, I know I am late of this.
And becareful Jane, seen your picture recently. Hee :D
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