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Cheese Days has come and gone, and with it my last show/convention of the year. I am still not sure what next year will hold as convention dates continue to elude my schedule. I'll keep you all updated as I know :) In the meantime, I did update Etsy. I updated the HECK out of Etsy! I had not realized there were so many pieces that I had never made listings for! But they are there now :) I also updated the shipping for almost everything so it is calculated by location, made the listings auto-renew (no more "Oops! That one expired!) and added some better photos to older listings.

ALSO! If you use the coupon code "HOWLIDAY" you can get 15% off any order of $20 or more until the first of the year.
So, as usual, I had to have a couple days to recover before typing everything up :)

I arrived on Thursday and picked up the Shuttle to the hotel. Due to all the traffic and construction the driver took the scenic route, which was actually kinda pleasant. Little long, but apparently the highway would have been longer anyway. Arrived at the Westin and started to wrangle roommates. Casidhe was already there, very nice person I must say, and Folix was nearby at the convention center. I plopped my stuff in the room and then headed over for registration. I intended to volunteer for ArtShow set up, but by the time I had everyone wrangled they didn't need any volunteers. Coconut arrived a bit later and got him situated as well. (Fruit loop smelling soft fursuit, very cute!) I was able to hang my own and Cara's art in the show then get most of my table set up. That huge room was very intimidating! I had dinner that night at Ten Penny, a little pricey, but the food was delicious!
Crashed to bed fairly early that night.

Friday I was glad the Den opened a little later, so I could sleep in. Coconut is apparently a morning person! Felt bad that no one was going to breakfast with him, but too exhausted to get up. I plunked down at my table and prepared for the day. Which went well! Mostly small things sold - pathtags, Celtic Critters and Pins. I did a couple badges and one sketch. (Badges and sketches will be posted later). Dinner was at Bill's in the hotel that night due to rain. Friday night was the Art Reception, which is a nice idea for those who can't get away easily for check out the art show and bid. I wandered there for an hour or so and adored some of the pieces but those I really liked were too large to get home. I was also a little nervous about spending as I hadn't reached break even yet. Hibbary has done some amazing growth in the last few years and I was especially drawn to a couple of her pieces. Noted some of Cara's already had bids, yay! Back to the hotel to crash :P

Saturday I had to get up a bit earlier. Went to Crazy Mocha for morning steamed milk... frankly, I like Crazy Mocha over StarBucks, they actually know what a steamed milk is without having to explain it and get funny looks. Back to the den. I usually walk around for 30 minutes or so before sitting just to get a bit of exercise and see what everyone has. Saturday was actually a little less busy for me than Friday. I still did a couple badges, but toward the end of the day as "homework". The fursuit parade I think played a role. It went right in front of my table, which was nice. Did have a dog (actual dog) poop during the parade right in front of my table which I knew was going ot go bad quick. So, I grabbed one of the ziplocks and picked it up quick... except one piece that got kicked into the little hole of the access hatch, so I had to notify someone about that since I couldn't get to it. It was, however, at least out of harms way. Apparently this was t-shirt worthy, which was awesome, but made me laugh. I don't get t-shirts for picking up poop at work! The rest of the night was uneventful. I wound up at Henry's with some of the Dorsai for dinner (tasty turkey burger and AWESOME sweet potato fries.) Then went to the zoo for a bit to finish my "homework". I'll admit, those blue lights in the zoo are harsh on the eyes :(

Sunday I was up at the same time, though was able to get coffee with Coconut this time. "Coffee" = "Steamed Milk" I've never liked coffee. Back to the Den. I realized I had bought one more Red Bull than I needed, and not wanting to lug it back to my room I had two that day. bad idea. I was SO fidgety! I had one more badge on Sunday. I was able to buy "The Seventh Bride" from Ursula Vernon (yay!) to read on my way home. Den closed and I realized I had not only passed my previous sales record at FC in 2013 I had actually probably broke even after taxes and fees (this is not a common event for me). I went to pick up art in the Art Show and found 3/4 of Cara's pieces had sold! Sweet! i didn't sell any of my own, but that means i don't have to scramble as much for pieces for the shows in August and September (local arts and crafts faires). Since I had great tale sales, I didn't mind that much. I was able to get everything packed up decently and quickly. I had wanted to eat somewhere new, however most of the restaurants around closed on Sunday :P So I wound up at Fernando's with Folix. It was ok, but not great.

Monday everyone slowly drifted out. I was able to check out without any issues, catch my shuttle, and get to the airport. Security was very quick! and for only the second time ever my carry-on was NOT searched. Usually I have so much stuff in it it does get searched. Once home, Wolfy made me an awesome chicken Wellington and I was able to relax before work the next day.

All in all, a great con. Will I go back? yes... however, again, another con that fall on my On-call weekend next year. *sigh* It is looking like I will probably not be doing any cons next year, in which case I will have to focus on networking/advertising. Which I hate and suck at... but I need to get better somehow. :)
 1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?
November 2003, I think... sometime 2003 at least.
2. What does your username mean?

Arikla is the name I chose for myself way back in 1998-ish. It sounded good.
3. Describe yourself in three words.
Neurotic art dabbler

4. Are you left or right handed?

5. What was your first deviation?

Cappercallie Stewart by arikla It is the oldest in my gallery, however I don't think it was my first deviation. I think I removed some of my older pieces.
6. What is your favourite type of art to create?

Celtic colored pencil of mammals. I love both knotwork and working with fur textures.

7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

That tight yet sketchy acrylic look. I love what other people do with it, but just don't seem to have teh skill myself.

8. What was your first favourite?

Dancing Wolf by Wolfsjal

 9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
Realism and pieces with an emotional pull. I do not have a big list of favorite pieces.
10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
I think that would go to ursulav . Her art is often so whimsical I can't help but be happy looking at it.
11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
Um... Gray-Ghost-Creations I think would be my choice.
12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
All have inspired me to continue to get better
13. What are your preferred tools to create art?
Colored Pencil, some ink.
14.  What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?

Anywhere outside, especially with trees and woods and happy...
15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
My first DD. It was something that said I am ok and doing alright.


Ok, so I started researching the orphan Works Act as it is currently making the go round and here is what I discovered:
1) If you want to read the actual document please go here:… This is actually the 234 page review and recommendation to congress about revisions to the current copyright acts.
2) This was a report and recommendation put together by the Registrar of Copyrights after collecting roundtable conversations, reports and looking at current and past as well as foreign copyright laws in general and in relation to "Orphan Works". This is NOT a bill currently before congress as has been commonly touted. It is also an addendum to the current copyright laws/Act and not a replacement. It is solely intended to cover "Orphan" works as those had not previously had any coverage under the prior Acts but are covered in other countries.
3) Starting on page 114 is the actual Act as recommended to Congress (note the blank date and congress is not currently before Congress, thus has no number.) This is the "meat" and has some interesting things I should point out:
a) It will not allow anyone to steal your art and put it on anything they want commercially. There is actually a part under Section 1(f) that reads "EXCLUSION FOR FIXATIONS IN OR ON USEFUL ARTICLES
The limitations on remedies under this section shall not be available to an infringer for infringements resulting from fixation of a pictorial, graphic, or sculptural work in or on a useful article that is offered for sale or other commercial distribution to the public. " This is specifically saying that the previous limitations on liability for people who use "good faith" orphan works do NOT apply to commercial products (mugs, tshirts, etc that are offered for sale)
b) You are not losing your copyright if works are not registered or considered "orphan". You still have legal recourse though it is limited depending on certain circumstances. However, the definition they provide of "reasonable compensation" is pretty much what you would have charged that person to use the work in the manner they did. Essentially to make the artist whole. However! In the very next part it says the limitations do NOT apply if the "infringer" fails to negotiate "reasonable compensation" or fails to PAY "reasonable compensation". It is not a free for all on your art.
c) It's actually a fairly lengthy list of what an "infringer" has to prove in order to qualify for a limitation of liability under the Act. They have to perform a diligent search and be unable to find the owner of the work AND file a Notice of Use with the Registrar of Copyrights AND provide what attribution is known about the piece AND mark the work as "orphaned" with a mark (to be determined by the Copyright office), AND must provide detailed documentation of the initial search to any Civil proceedings resulting from use of the work.
d) I know the "search" has been a sticking point for many. How do they know where to search? What databases are acceptable? Why can't they just say "I looked hard, really!" The recommended Act does say what constitutes a "diligent search" and it is thus: Search of the records of the Copyright Office AND "reasonably available" sources of copyright or licensure information (likely private or public registrars) AND technologically tools or expert assistance AND appropriate databases including those on the internet. What is really important is that Failure of the Copyright holder to respond to an inquiry or that a particular copy of the work is not labeled is NOT sufficient to deem it "Orphaned" and qualify for limitations of liability if used. This means if you usually have a watermark on your art, but one person removed it and reposted it, lack of that identifying information on that copy is not enough to call it Orphaned. Also, with all of that, just lacking registration does not make it "orphaned" and there is a provision for increased compensation for infringement if a piece IS registered.
e) The Registrar of Copyright has to create a searchable database for the Notice of Use declarations. While not perfect, this will allow artists to search the database for their works.

So, while this has gotten rather wordy, I think that covers the basics. Yes, artists should keep an eye on any changes to the Copyright Acts especially as this is not the final bill, but a recommendation made. No, it is not perfect. However, after reading through it, I would hesitate to push the panic button a this time. My work is still mine.

So I have a table in the Artist Alley all three days for Anthrocon (yay!). I am currently open for badges for pick up at the con, especially the Celtic style ones. They are $20 each. I am fairly nervcited to be going... lots of people, but lots of people I'll know too.

And other stuff... why suddenly so many round/square Celtic pieces? Mostly because I discovered Strathmore Artist tile. They are little 6 x 6 squares of paper. Originally intended for doodling, but they take colored pencil very nicely! I *may* have a table at a Renaissance faire this fall so trying to up the amount of Celtic pieces I have. However, I really have two anthro pieces I want to do next, so they will take longer, but will be a break from All Celtic All the Time! :)
Still a fun con despite not being FCN. For this one, the hotel really helps make the con. The hotel staff are always really friendly, accommodating and just plain fun. They aren't looking at all of us weird! When I checked out, I made sure to tell the front desk how much I appreciate that. The person a the desk, who I unfortunately forgot the name of in my shock at her statement, said "We love you guys! It is so nice to have a weekend when we don't get yelled at. (emphasis mine). How sad it is that? A big group of 18-30 year olds (and up, but on average) who are semi-drunk some of the time at least are actually nicer and more polite to the staff than most weekend travelers and business people. Says a lot about some of the "responsible adults" of the world. Says more about furries, though :)

Anyway, it was a good weekend. I didn't have a lot of sales, but did make some badges and have a beaded badge to work on. Found out if I had asked I probably could have sold some pre-made things despite what the website said (but never got a response to my question about the DD wait list or AA rules anyway, so never felt it worth my time to send another).

Discovered people are generally suspicious of free candy for some reason. I had a bowl out on Saturday that said "It's my Birthday, Have some Candy! Free!" and wound up 1) answering the question "Is it really your Birthday?" a lot. and 2) taking most of it to Con Ops where I'm sure it didn't not last long :) Guess "Don't take Candu from strangers" is fairly well ingrained.

Really the only bad part of the whole weekend was the Charity auction. I left the Artist Ally early because I had submitted a piece for the auction (this one: ) and was curious how it would go. I have donated things before, but never been able to watch the auction. Please people, let it be known, if you are running a Charity auction NEVER EVER talk down ANYTHING up for bid. I don't care if someone donates a bag of poop. It should be talked up as the best bag of poop ever because you are making money for a CHARITY! I was really embarrassed to be sitting there as Kage called it "half a piece" and said "maybe the artist will draw the other half if you win". Because of him essentially mocking it it went for the lowest amount of ANYTHING in the auction. I was crushed. I wasn't expecting it to go for really high amounts or anything, but definitely more than it did. Thankfully, I received an email shortly after from the winner of the piece who was very happy to get it and will give it a good home. But... arg! I'm honestly not even sure how to bring it up to Kage since it kinda sounds like sour grapes since it was my own art and it's Kage and I am in no way popular so doubt he would actually care. I'll let it go, but may effect what I donate in the future. Likely stick to prints from here on out.

To end on a high note... Benihana has something called the "Haiku Colada" it is delicious and I should have one every day.
So I sat down out of curiosity (and a little boredom, I'll admit) and looked at when I had joined the various galleries I have art in. Some I no longer update, true, but I have not "emptied" them, so to speak. This also only included galleries online that are still open.

Deviant Art: October 31, 2002
FurAffinity: January 22nd, 2006
Weasyl: January 22nd, 2014
Epilogue: September 14, 2002
Elfwood: Unknown after update. Likely 2002-ish*
VCL: August 14, 2002
StormArtists: October 20, 2006

So, I hadn't realized I had been a registered part of Epilogue BEFORE DA. I knew VCL and Elfwood predated FA. I am somewhat amused that I joined FA and Weasyl on the same day exactly 8 years apart. I am also apparently busier during Feb-July since i registered at all the sites Aug-Jan :)

*Elfwood has recently completely re-done their site. It looks nice and I may have another go at it. I am somewhat amused by how they placed some of my art in "Horror" though... including the picture I did for my husband of us during our wedding :)
It's that time of year again, and Small Business Saturday...unfortunately I was working at the other small business this morning so just getting to this now. BUT! From now until January 15th you can use the code "HOLIDAY14" to get 10% off anything in my Etsy shop. Originals and prints both available!
The world is keeping me incredibly busy right now, but should calm again soon. First I need to get done the two commissions (should finish today), the repairs on my costume (have to be finished by next Friday!), and some website maintenance across not only my own sit but another I maintain.

After that is done, I will work on my own art. I actually have two sitting aside I want to do.
First, Finbar... based on the story "The Six Swans" that while German in origin was placed in Ireland by Juliet Marillier for her Sevenwaters Trilogy (which I absolutely love and have re-read many times... however have only recently discovered it was extended!)
Second "After the Rut" - a piece I have been wanting to do for awhile but have been picking at the sketch to get it to where I want it to be. I think it is ready for paper now :)

Other ideas that keep lurking in my head that will be completed at some time:
- Werewolf family line (LONG piece)
- An owl piece
- "Canary Sings to an Empty Room" based on Elton John song "Emily"
- Ebola piece (it won't leave my brain alone!)
- "Mourning Light" - another swan piece. I seem to be developing a thing for swans inadvertently.
- "Sanctuary" - Pitbull piece. Trying to get better references for this one but can find anyone willing to lean on pillars for me :P

There are others, but those are the top eight that keep circling my mind.
So Cheese Days was last weekend. Estimated about 200,000 people came... for a town that is normally about 13,000 that is impressive! I did ok at the show, I sold a number of small matted prints but no originals. Did a little better than break even after taxes. I'm ok with this. First time at that show, new vendor, was a little rainy during some parts of the day... overall, break even is good.

Prior to that was IndyFurCon in Indianapolis. I did not break even there, but it was close. Sales in general were really slow. Actually, I was mostly surprised how few people were there. I realized the hotel was not that friendly to the con-goers last year (and apparently continued with a few issues this year) but the magnitude of difference between IFC and FCN (both at a Sharaton) was huge! I did a few sketches and a couple badges. Not to toot my own horn, but I am becoming really pleased with my badges. I am able to do them fairly quickly, but look good. I also wore my new Maned Wolf suit for the first time and that was tons of fun! Warm, but as a partial not too warm. Made myself a badge for the suit (decided the character's name will be "Sorcha") and commissioned Sandy Schrieber for one as well. Always wanted one from her, but never really felt like I had a character :)

Also been mentally warring... I am part of a group of Colored Pencil artists on facebook. They have monthly contests with CP pieces. Part of me feels my CP work isn't good enough, but on the other hand if it isn't good enough for that, why am I selling it? I feel I am at least that good. #artistbrain heh.

Anyway, so with the end of this con-year, I start looking ahead. I hope to get a table at Motor City FC since that is over my birthday and I love that con. Other than that, though, I may look toward some of the local Ren Fairs next year and see how that goes. Since no originals sold at Cheese Days, they are ALL now listed on Etsy:

So that is me catching up, how are you all?
Wildflower Art Festival was yesterday. I did better yesterday on my second go at this show (sold more things, but made less money, it evens out). I am still learning things to do to adjust how my booth is set up. I think my next step is I am going to make something for the center. It is open and inviting, but almost too empty. and then I'll get to test it out for Cheese Days! I think the best is the reception to the anthropomorphic art..seen as fun and whimsical  I was a little concerned that "Scriptus Rex" would be seen negatively due to the heavily Catholic influence but I think people took it mostly the way it was meant which pleases me... at last no one ranted at me  However, I do find I will need to do more purely Celtic pieces. I thought I had more, but once hung, realized I had sold enough my "stock" was barren!

In light of needing more Celtic knotwork based pieces, I am going to do some. Mostly small (playing card size) but maybe some larger as the mood strikes. Mostly simple designs for the smalls, but intricately knotted. What I need are species and breeds!
So, have an animal, wild or domestic, you want to see in Celtic/Kells/Zoomorphic style? Let me know, I'll add it to the list!
Come October, I'll have been on DA for 12 years. Wow. I am a persistent person and I like comfortable places. DA has that feel. I can be social if I want... or not. But at the same time I can show my art and appreciate others. I'm going to go back through my favorites. Since I don't favorite a lot of pieces, I generally remember what I like about each and every one...Dancing Wolf by Wolfsjal

This is the first piece I ever Favorited on DA. Apparently from 2003, I guess I took a year to find something I really liked :) I still follow Wolfsjal and have enjoying watching her art improve.
Let The Fur Fly: Lonely by Nashoba-Hostina

First piece I favorited by Nashoba. Another artist I continue to watch and enjoy. She is now doing a weekly comic and I recommend following her :)
Tigville: Dazzling Dogz by TigrisTheLynx

Sometimes I favorite something not because it is the pinnacle of artistic perfection, but because the artist is trying and has evoked and emotion. I remember finding this piece and liking the colors and posing with the expression on the cat's face. Because sometimes something doesn't have to be perfect to be art. This is also from 2004 and the artist has continued to improve.
Valkyrie by AugustAnna

Sometimes I favorite something because I want to be able to go back and study it. The colors, techniques or composition.
MAH FEEET by vantid

And sometimes because it just makes me smile every time I see it :)

Art is perfect and imperfect evoking emotion or just a smile. Art is here, everywhere. And DA introduces me to new art and artists every day. So I stick around :)
I know, I haven't posted a journal in awhile. I have been trying to get some art done for the upcoming shows (I have a booth at Cheese Days! Whoot!) and a commission to work on as well. It's keeping me hopping!

In the meantime, a question... I have always tried to thank people for watches and favorites (unless I notice it is part of a mass favorite or something) but have noted people seem to consider this spam instead of a sincere gesture. Where do you fall? Is is nice or spam?
So I went to the local zoo yesterday for the first time. Lived here almost 10 years, never been to the zoo. Not bad for a free zoo, actually. My goal... otter pictures. My expectations... pictures of otters sleeping. However! the one was very helpful by bouncing off the wall of the enclosure and into the water over an over. While I realize this is repetitive stress behaviors in a captive animal... it was still helpful for me. I needed a picture of water splash and otters and I was about to take some 90+

So, as soon as I finish these pet portraits I will begin work on a splashing otter :)

So all you otter people, rejoice!
Overall a good con experience! though, to be fair, I really didn't do much but sit at the Artist Alley, eat in the restaurant, or sleep :P It was a sleep deprivation con for me.

I arrived Thursday, gathered up my roommates and proceeded to discover the double bed room I had reserved was now a king and a roll-away :P thankfully one of my roommates had already expressed a preference for the floor and the other wanted a bed of his own. I wandered around the con some and checked out the areas to see where everything was. I was able to register that night and then get my art hung for the Art show. So at least I didn't have to worry about that the next day.

Friday I hauled my butt out of bed at 6am since I knew I had to get to the Alley early if I wanted a table. Now, I knew about the pre-reg thing since I had tried to do so (but had been too late, apparently). I was still rather disappointed when they elected to hold the pre-reg tables until noon for people that were not there yet. That seemed rather off. However, I was the first "stand-by" and so got a table when someone did not show. I was tucked into the corner on Friday, so sales were slow. sat next to a very nice artist "Flo" who kept talking my art up, though. I guess I need a sales person :) I was there until I was too hungry to do much else and I wanted to go to the Art Jam. This is when I discovered the Q de Cheval House Salad. A blessed array of greens, blue berries, dried cranberries and Feta cheese with croutons that had little bits of dried fruit in them. OMG! I proceeded to have this for dinner every night and a few lunches too. I had thought about going to the In n' Out "across the street" however the "street" was and interstate and thought there was a shuttle service, the salad was just that good!

Saturday, butt out of bed even earlier... 5am. I was #14 in line even then. Still, I did get a table. It was better positioned too. Had a more brisk business and did some badges and sketches as well as selling several of my shrinky pins. I have to say, over all I am very happy with my badges this con. to preen a little, they looked good! I was happy to be giving them to the commissioner and felt like the price was worth the quality. I will be posting these in a bit :) I am happy with my sketches for the most part, too, however many of the sketches did not photograph well. The lighting over the tables was AWFUL and they tended to come out too dark. So, if you got a sketch from me and can scan it, I would really appreciate it! I'll post those that came out alright. Saturday night I got a great video of Meli trying on a very oversized fursuit by Twizzler Skunk. I was laughing so hard tears were flowing! As soon as I can figure out how to get it off my phone, I'll post the video :)

Sunday, 5am again. #15 this time still got a seat. better spot in front as another person wanted to trade seats. sat next to Floppybelly and her pipeys :) these are awesome little sculptures, by the way, and you should check her out! More sketches, more badges, more pins. The Art Show closed and I found I had sold "fire and Ice" not only sold it, though, but it had two bids! This is a first for me and though it wasn't a very high priced piece, it still made me happy :) Also with the art show... I splurged and bid on a Dark Natasha Original and a Cara Mitten original. The Cara Mitten was "Bucky and the Border Collie" which just seemed right that I should bring it back to WI, home of Bucky Badger. Plus, it is a nice piece I can hang in the clinic. The Dark Natasha I had to un-frame in order to fit it in my suitcase and portfolio, but dang it I got it home! Two of my roomies went home on Sunday so the room was fairly quiet Sunday night.

I left on Monday and got home fairly uneventfully though just started to break with a cold today :P I actually think I got it from the guy I sat next to on the plane, not at the con. At least the guy next to me admitted he was sick :P Over the next couple days I'll upload the badges and sketches as well as place the originals not sold up on Etsy. I did register for a table for IndyFurCon in August, though, so that will be my next con :)
Yay! Finally done with this! I have re-worked both my Printfection page and re-booted my CafePress page. made the transparent images better (they had some very rough edges I had not previously noted) and made images better for dark clothing. All in all, it has been a very productive weekend... yeah, it took me all weekend :P Also updated my website to reflect these changes.
New links at:

I will likely add more images in the future, but need a break after fighting through the ones I have :P

If you have any suggestions, though, I'll welcome them :)
So part of cleaning today involved me taking all the large (11 x 14) prints out of the mats and plastic they have been in for years. I am done dragging these to shows as they take up a lot of space but rarely sell. So I put them on Etsy! Since I make them on my own printer and don't have to pay print fees, I can sell them fairly inexpensive, but they are still good quality coming from an Epson printer.

The sale is also still active using the code HOLIDAY13 to get 20% off.
The end is near! The end is near! Well... end of the year anyway. What with holiday gifts and New Year resolutions and what not. Not that I am ever able to keep those resolutions, it seems.

Anyway, I want to make some space in my "studio". (In quotes as my "studio" consists of a desk where I draw in a room with computers and various storage). Being that type of studio, it gets full. I have a couple panels reserved in the show at Furry Fiesta and want to be able to get some new stuff out.

Sooo... I am having an Etsy sale. From now through January 15th, use the code "HOLIDAY13" to get 20% off any of the pieces I have up. I even put some of the ACEOs back up as I actually found them again :P


Etsy Shop:
So next year I am so far a bit more limited in my cons. However, I am going to try out Furry Fiesta. I have the room and plane tickets, on the waiting list for Dealer's Den (unlikely at this point, though, so will see what the Artist Alley brings). It will be nice going south for a bit in the winter :)

Also, IndyFurCon will be possible this coming year. I was at the first one, but have not been able to get back since. I know it has had its issues, but it is "local-ish" and so I can drive there :)

I have been thinking of expanding, though. My artwork, especially the Celtic style, is not exactly furry. I will be doing a local show or two next year as well (Wildflower Art Show and Cheese Days) but considering some other types... ren faires and such. To the artists that have done such, what seems to be the best match? Also, feel free to tell me I am jumping the gun and should try to get my name out more first. I am at a bit of a loss as to what would be best.
Just got back from Rainfurrest in Seattle! Overall good, though had a bumpy start to the weekend. It was just me, so had a bit more hectic to it that I would if I had helpers. Oh well, it was accomplished :)

Thursday: Rainfurrest decided to have the Dealer's den open at noon on thursday. good for con-goers, bad when they decide to post the hours only about a month before the con when most dealer's already have bought plane tickets. so my plane arrived about 1pm and thus began the frantic dash to get everything set up. I was rooming with another dealer who already had things set and was told the room was not ready yet. So be it. I rolled my suitcases to the den and got the majority of the table set up. Then went back to the front desk to collect the fedEx box with the prints and a couple originals in it. was told it would take a bit to get the box. Went back to the den and retrieved the originals I had on the plane with me and set those up in the art show. Went back down to the front desk, found out they had the room ready now and my box. Left the box, took suitcase to room, retrieved box, set up remainder of table and art-show stuff and finally sat down. Sales were typical for a Thursday, but not bad considering I only was there about 3 hours. Did one badge.

Friday: Friday was not that good. Sales were ok, but a couple socially inept people left me sort of depressed. did two more badges, one traditional one Celtic, and a couple sketches. First set of depression-inducing people were looking around, then decided to just sit in front of my table. On the floor. Blocking people from coming. They did move when I asked them to, but commented they sat there since no one seemed to be coming to my table... *sigh* Later, before the den closed, another fellow came by and was looking at my art and commented it was unusual. I said thank-you, and he said it wasn't a compliment :-/ So, den closed, I am ready for dinner. I decide to wander down to Denny's. I happened to be walking behind PaintedDog for a good portion of the walk and since she kept looking over her shoulder I guess I was unintentionally seeming like a stalker. Sorry PaintedDog! Sitting alone in a Denny's is depressing in and of itself, then the service was terrible. I was finished with my meal before I got my drink. Went back to the hotel and did the clothed male live-drawing class. I didn't have the energy to stay for the nude drawing so I went to bed and figured Saturday would be better.

Saturday: It was! Good sales. Another sketch done. People were nice. Fursuit parade came through. Sold my example bookmark badge *chuckle* Never know what people may want, I guess :) I had also started a piece on Friday that was taking shape by mid-saturday and looking nice. It is a little more unusual fare for me, but I like how it came out. I'll post if up later. Ate dinner at the hotel restaurant, expensive but oh-so-good lamb shank with pollenta. Went to the ArtJam that night. I didn't think to take pictures of what I was drawing then, but oh well.

Sunday: Also a good day. Sold a piece in the art show, which always makes for a good con for me and made up for some of the comments on Friday. No further badges or sketches, though. I think I need a better display for that... not sure if people just don't think I do them or what? I was really happy with the badges I completed. Not trying to rush them and taking my time definitely pays off for me and the commissioner. As the den closed, I managed to get everything packed back up again in the various boxes or suitcases. Box dropped at the desk for shipment and suitcases to the room. Sunday night went out of dinner with some non-furry local friends. Indonesian food! Oh, tasty ground lamb kebab! I had never really had Indonesian food before, but it was really very tasty. One friend does henna and so made a nice peacock on my arm :) Relaxed that night. went to the hotel bar and had bread pudding and an amaretto sour... expensive drink, but it was a nice relaxation. was talking to one of the airline captains staying overnight at the hotel about what all the crazy people in the costumes were. Nice fellow.

Monday: Hectic. I got to the Seattle airport in plenty of time so was able to get lunch and enjoy some of the live music they had scattered through the terminal. That was a nice idea! the fog and rain were fairly heavy so the flight was late leaving, though. This resulted in a mad dash in Detroit where my short layover was even shorter and resulted in me boarding as soon as I got to the gate. The flights themselves were not bad. Home, sleep... and back to work on Tuesday :)