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Name: Tachio

He appears in his 20's, but his true age is 7 years (his species grow very quickly into adults)


Some kind of bug person


Similar to a Madagascar hissing cockroach, he has the ability to scale smooth surfaces. He’s very quick and can scamper out of tight situations, escaping easily through the narrowest of spaces. Like a cockroach, he has a weird ability to survive almost everything, including harsh weather conditions (within a reasonable range), toxic foods, drowning (as long as it’s not for an extended period of time), and more. His skin is tough and protects him from injury, similar to an exoskeleton. His antennae provide him with the ability to pick up chemical scents and signals. This, combined with his quick reaction time and ability to dig, Tachio can map out a building’s floor plan from roof to basement in hours, as well as providing an underground network of tunnels.

The membrane between the exoskeleton-like patches of skin is very sensitive. If a weapon or bullet was lodged in that membrane, it could mean death. He can’t swim, so if he’s submerged too long without rescue, he will drown and die. He can’t survive freezing temperatures if left in those conditions for too long, either. Similarly, he can’t sweat, so being in the heat for too long is also dangerous. His antennae provide much of his sense of direction, sight, smell, and touch, so losing those would be very difficult for him. Bug spray doesn’t kill him unless he ingests it. It still isn’t very pleasant for him, though.

The Coldlanders

He works for Atairi as a spy

Physical description:
Tachio is 5’9” and has very dark, shiny skin and jet-black hair. Under his hair sit a pair of blunt horns, but they’re not typically visible. Usually, he’s wearing a hood over his head that nearly covers his eyes. Some holes are cut out of the top for his antennae to fit through. The skin along his arms and legs are hard and adorned with small spines. Everywhere else on his body, especially around joints and his abdomen, the skin breaks into hard patches like a dried lake bed. This is to maintain mobility in areas that need it; unlike the arms and legs, which don’t bend out of shape except at the elbow or knee. His palms are thick for gripping onto smooth surfaces, and feel rough like a cat’s tongue. Along his ribs are some air holes that partly allow him to breathe, but mostly serve to produce a loud hiss.

He doesn’t really need to wash or use water, since he doesn’t sweat. A harmless species of mite that lives on his skin keeps him clean. He can often be seen covered in dirt from digging tunnels under buildings.

Like many cockroaches, Tachio is a bit timid. Bright lights and loud noises frighten him, and he tends to prefer staying in dark, hidden places. Despite this, he’s very social and tries to make friends with everyone. He comes from a family of roaches that sleep in large piles on top of each other, and cuddle constantly. He’ll try to cuddle with friends in a similar way, but most aren’t used to that kind of absurd social behavior. Most also aren’t used to his constant attempts at impressing friends or love interests, either. His attempts are made up of rituals that include head-butting other people to engage in a wrestle, hissing vigorously, and trying to prove his strength. These behaviors are never threatening, and are annoying at worst. 

Tachio eats everything from fine restaurant foods to garbage he found on the floor. He doesn’t prefer going out much, unless it’s with friends. He doesn’t prefer having a house or apartment of his own either, since having too many attachments to things makes him anxious. The only thing he maintains, and pays bills for, is a cellphone. Despite not having a lot of experiences, he’s naturally curious and wants to try new things.

His love interests include anyone that shows him the smallest amount of kindness; to which, he tries to serenade with a love song sung entirely by hissing. He might also try to wrestle someone nearby to impress his love interest.

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