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Name: Sempronia

Age: They appear 28, but their true age is just over 1000


Species: Unspecified/Spirit Guide from Purgatory

 Sempronia can travel across different planes of existence, such as Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven. Their only other power is to mildly manipulate reality for other people, such as making a nearby object move or speak. 

Strengths: Sempronia is very similar to Thana, in that their fighting style is all about balance. While not exceptionally strong or powerful compared to demons or other entities, they are a formidable foe and still wield a great deal of strength, endurance, and agility. They can adapt and learn quickly, and utilize their strengths as effectively as possible. This allows them to outsmart beings many times more powerful. One thing unique about Sempronia in comparison to Thana is that they don't feel pain or emotions, and cannot bleed. They lack the capacity to be fearful, passionate, or even anger. As a result, they can take many blows without slowing down from pain.

Lacking pain doesn't free them from injury. Their body still takes damage, and if they don't judge situations carefully, they can overexpose theirself to danger and become incapacitated. The inability to feel passion or fear may cause them to miscalculate the severity of certain situations. They're also bound under a special code not to meddle with humans, which will keep them from entering conflict that could potentially save someone's life. 


Occupation: Spirit Guide in Purgatory

Physical description:
Sempronia is 5'10" with cool grey eyes and chalky white skin, like Thana. Their hair is straight and jet black, styled with bangs and a high ponytail on the crown of their head. They carry a dull, emotionless gaze at any point in time. This never changes; not even to express surprise. Their facial features are soft, but their build is more masculine with broad shoulders and square hips. This is enhanced by their slender, muscular build. They were made to be human in appearance, but they're far removed from earth dwellers. Even their clothing is strange; a sort of dark grey cloak/jumpsuit with tan sleeves and socks. A burgundy sash is tied around their waist, and the body wraps under their clothing and around their forearms share the same color. The suit is embroidered with gold patterns running the length of their body down to their ankles. The hood has a halo-like embroidery pattern along the crown.

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Personality: Sempronia doesn't possess much personality at all. Because they can't feel emotions or pain, talking to them is more like talking to an machine with automated responses. However, they do possess a few quirks that give them some character. To avoid telling you something, they may beat around the bush, come up with excuses, or speak vaguely. They purposefully leave pieces of information missing from conversation; sometimes to make you think harder, other times to explore your response or questions afterwards. They're shamelessly sarcastic and use this as a way to communicate you're unfavorable to be around. Although they seem open to socializing to a degree, they're often an observer rather than a participant. They spend a lot of time on earth watching life unfold and studying its human inhabitants. Their goal isn't to make friends, but rather to understand what human life is like. 

Other: They're one of several Spirit Guides that were born/created in Purgatory. Their creators are much larger and more strange.
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