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Name: Rionn

Age: 29


Species: Water nymph

Powers: He takes the form of a giant colorful eel when in water, but looks human out of water. Every so often, he has to spend time in large bodies, such as lakes and oceans, or else he will dry out on land and turn to sand. As a nymph, he has special abilities that allow him to manipulate water, such as changing currents or extracting water from objects. He can extract moisture from plants, soil, and even people.

Strengths: Rionn is cunning and resourceful. He knows how to read most people, in terms of their behavior and feelings. He’ll use this to whatever advantage he can, especially if trying to employ their help. He can mold himself easily to other people to accommodate their personalities, regardless of how he feels about them. He has an overwhelming number of allies and contacts, which keeps him virtually untouchable and provides him with an abundance of information about the city, people he’s keeping an eye on, etc.

Weaknesses: He has to revisit large bodies of water under time restraints. If he spends too much time out of water, he’ll die and turn to sand. He’s also a risk taker, which hasn’t gotten him in trouble yet, but may in the future. He’s much easier to overpower when he’s out of water, compared to in his eel form. He’s stronger than most humans, but not exceptionally.

Faction: Leviathan (he works with every faction, but Leviathan the most)

Occupation: Drug lord (he manufactures drugs, steroids, and medicines in a state-of-the-art facility)

Physical Description: In a human form, Rionn is 6’5” with brown skin, violet eyes, and black hair that borders on blue/navy. When light hits it right, the blue tint comes through. His hair is always very soft, well taken care of, and wavy like ocean water. He wears expensive clothing and prefers things in red/violet/purple tones paired with black. He always appears to be in a good mood and is eager to meet new people. If he’d just transformed from his eel form into a human, he’ll be naked B). As an eel, his head and body thickness are a little thicker in comparison, but he’s 12 feet in length. His scales starting from the tip of his nose to his tail start off orange, transition to red at his neck, then transition to violet towards his tail. Unlike regular eels, he has two pectoral fins in addition to his tail fin. They fan out like the fins of a crown tail beta, and are various shades of red, orange, and violet. Streaks of steel blue highlight his fin bones, and accent the outermost edges.

Personality: Rionn is outgoing and social. His business means having a strong client base and steady stream of new users, so he’s always at gatherings exchanging information. He hosts dinner parties for potential clients, so they can get used to who he is, and what products he can offer. Though much of his personality is to maintain an appearance, he’s genuinely enjoying himself every day and finds amusement in his own ventures, as well as the struggles of others (he also a weird sense of humor). Despite his friendly appearance, he treats most of his business partners as pawns; people to benefit him and keep his game going, but nothing else. If someone becomes little use to him anymore, he casts them out without a second thought. He’s unmercifully cruel to betrayers and enjoys keeping people under a false sense of security. Though he does treat his business partners well, it’s only to make them believe their quality of life is improving while his fist is slowly closing in around them. He doesn’t take sides in business deals, and frequently benefits gangs or groups that are enemies with each other.

Other: He actually gets upset if his invitations are turned down, or if he’s not invited to parties. His turn on is exposed ankles.

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