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Name: Katie

Age: 24


Species: Human

Powers: She can write a term paper in 2 hours the night before it's due

Strengths: She's tough and lets things roll off of her pretty easily. If there's something in particular that bothers her, she's not afraid to stand up for herself. Her sharp tongue aids her in these kinds of situations. When combined with her confidence, her snarky personality intimidates challengers and keeps her out of harms way.

Weaknesses: She's a human, so she suffers regular human problems and diseases. She has a hard time keeping her fist back if someone pushes her a bit too far, so she's prone to fighting. Sometimes, she's a bit insensitive, which can hinder friendships.

Faction: None

Occupation: None. She just moved to Fairkeep and is getting settled in.

Physical Description: Katie is 5'7" with long, black hair. Her hair is naturally dark brown, but she keeps it dyed regularly. She styles it differently each day with various accessories, such as clips, bows, hats, etc. She also has a sense of fashion and can navigate the plus-size section of clothing with ease. Sometimes, you might catch her wearing something she's sewn or knitted herself, since she's experienced in tailoring her own clothes. She wears a bright and cheerful expression, but her eyes are very focused, which could be intimidating to people just meeting her. They might feel judged or watched. Which, is partly true, but Katie values the people she associates with.

Personality: She's always formulating an opinion of someone the moment she meets them. If they're a good person, there's nothing to worry about. If they're bad, they better watch out; she'll be kicking them and pushing their buttons every chance she gets. Additionally, she's snarky and loves to tease people. Sometimes, this can get to the point of being excessive and mean rather than playful. If a limit is set, she'll stop and respect the boundaries. Most of her confidence and personality has to do with being teased for her weight constantly. She strongly believes in herself and wants to show people she doesn't tolerate a shred of cruelty. Sometimes, her personality gets in the way of understanding when she's done something wrong, but she does come around. She values her relationships and would rather maintain a friendship than protect herself from criticism.

Katie is also very flirtatious and enjoys casual hookups. She won't pass up a chance to have a fun evening with someone new. She's not big on long-term commitments, but she's not closed to the idea either. 

Other: She's a friend to Terrance and Nathan. They've all known each other since high school.
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