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(Closed) Silver Swirl

By ariibees
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(Re-uploading since I originally posted at a weird time last night, haha.)

This was a fun little experimental adopt for me! The biggest thing was that I tested out actually drawing in more detailed scales, and while I'm on the fence about how I feel about them in general, they could look good in certain circumstances. This adopt was originally going to be a Rain/Silk hybrid, hence the frill and the round wings connecting at the forelimbs, but they ended up with a rather NightWing-esque color scheme, so you could make a case for some sort of other heritage.

Starting bid: $10, 1k points, or an offer of equivalent worth
Minimum increase: $1
Autobuy: $30 or 3k points

Accepting USD (PayPal) > Points (DA) > art/other add-ons, etc; please don't offer OCs!

(Please reply to the featured comment below to bid/offer!)
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uhh some more questions

what sort of brush do you use for lineart and the effects on the wings? and what canvas size?

and how do you draw so well -

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So, keep in mind that I use Clip Studio Paint, meaning that I don't know how well the info I give in the brushes will translate over (I don't know what you use). But basically, on the program I use, one of the brush types is just called a "brush" and has three sub-categories (watercolor, oil paint, and India ink). Under the watercolor category, I use an "opaque watercolor" brush that is very smooth/soft texture-wise but can be stretched/blended, allowing me to more easily make my lineart flow together without looking choppy or messy in areas. I pretty much use this same brush on the wings, but modify it into some custom brushes by changing how much paint I put down vs. how much I blend, helping me influence how the colors flow together. This is by far the brush I use the most in every situation, haha.

For my canvas size, it varies, but the image above in inches is 9.51"x7.73" or in pixels is 3328x2705px, all done at 350dpi. Keep in mind that the high dpi increases the resolution, but can make the canvas "bigger" and slow down your computer if you have trouble with that (I run into that issue when having too much going on in the background, or using too big of a brush).

I hope my explanation makes sense! :D

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ah ty! this was helpful!

i've seen that some other artists use watercolour for lineart as well, thanks!

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No problem! :D

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Beautiful as always! I have a feeling this one is gonna fetch a good price :)

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Nightkeeper06's avatar shooketh once again. how. do. u. do. dis.

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Haha, I'm glad you like them ^u^

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Reply here to offer!

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1.2k points by P@lmry on Amino

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1.4k points by P@lmry on Amino

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