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Chapter One: Second Chances
She woke up.
Her body felt bare, the only heat source was between her abdomen and whatever contraption  she was bent over on. Her wrists and ankles hurt, feeling a tight tug from rope wrapping around them. She tried to yank at them, but there was no mercy from the burning grip. She soon realized what was going on, and how she even got stuck here in the first place. 
It was just last night, she went to a bar with a couple friends. It was the weekend and who could resist the cliche choice of fun during adulthood? It was a new bar that opened recently and she has been dying to try it out. Maybe even meet some new people, her friends were those who kept insisting. So she thought, why not?
Her brother has died recently from a car crash and her boyfriend, at the best timings, was caught cheating. It's been months since she's actually talked to any male acquainted to her. She's just glad her job kept her on the internet and not at some public building. But she thought it was about t
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Mature content
Schizophrenia :iconariesxleo:AriesxLeo 0 0
Mature content
Chapter One: Dusk to Dawn :iconariesxleo:AriesxLeo 1 3
Chapter Four: Beauty Killer
Kiara grasped her chosen Pokemon firmly as she stared at her mom from
across the field. The afternoon sun blazed as ever as Kiara kept the fire
burning in her heart. She threw the pink Poke Ball and the beam's 
silhouette became her beautiful companion.
"Come out, Gardevoir!"
As she took her second to stretch, her expected opponent came out. Out
came the evened height Zoroark, a black and red wolf-like Pokemon. She 
stood on her hind legs as her red claws ran through her long flowing fur,
almost looking like a very thick ponytail.
It didn't take long before both Pokemon seemed to be arguing. While 
Zoroark was showing off her locks, Gardevoir was flaunting her white 
dressed form.
"Enough flaunting, Gardevoir, use Misty Terrain!"
Kiara said in annoyance, trying to snap her Pokemon to focus. With 
Gardevoir's built up agitation, the blazing sun easily became a foggy
dimension. Her opponent was quick to react though and started to use 
"Use Disarmin
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Chapter Three: The Royal Battle
Kiara and her mother finally reached a spot in the local forest where
they could finally have their battle. She and her mom stood meters
away from each other as they gripped their first chosen Pokemon in
their hands. They could feel the excitement building up as the sun 
shown down its rays fiercely from the afternoon daylight.
"You ready for your last battle for a long time with your mother, for
all times sake?"
Kiara grinned confidently, she knew what Pokemon her mom beholds 
and she most definitely knows her own beloved Pokemon.
"Most definitely! Lets get this started!"
Kiara's mother grinned as she started to release her very own
Pokemon, easily expected to be stronger. A beam of red light start to
pop out of the opened Poke Ball that was thrown into the air as she 
called out it's name.
"Have fun, Pyroar!"
A lioness Pokemon formed from the red light. She was a
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Chapter Two: Home Sweet Home
Kiara finally reached her home, breathing heavily from running. She headed
straight to the backyard where her Blaziken was taking a nap in the shade of
the Oran tree. She smiled at him before peaking into the house to call out 
for her mom who was most likely upstairs.
"Mom! Come outside, I want you to meet my new team member!"
Kiara yelled as loud as she could before heading back to the porch to let out
her Pokemon move around the yard. She first let out her Gardevoir, she came
out of a Love Ball; a pink Poke Ball with a white trimmed pink heart on the
face. Her new Beedrill came out of a basic red and white Poke Ball, and her 
Luxray out of iconic Luxury Ball. Blaziken sneaked a peak of the Beedrill and
went back to his soft snoring.
By the time her mom made it outside the door, Kiara was already talking to 
her new Beedrill about the team. But it only focused on the Blaziken that was
chasing Gardevoir out of frustration. Luxray just took a spot in the tree to lay
in a
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Chapter One: Beginning Adventures
"Yeah, good job, Luxray!"
Kiara shouted at her faithful friend, a smile of pride on her face. She
ran up to him in excitement and wrapped her arms around his thick
long mane. He gave a mighty roar before he started to purr and 
nuzzled his nose under her neck.
"Let's heal this poor Beedrill up a little. Looks like you hit them a little
too hard."
Luxray gave a guilty smile as he licked her face. Kiara laughed in 
response and grabbed out his Poke Ball. It was black with a yellow line
in the middle, involving a line inside that one and a white trim around 
the opening. She pulled out a small potion and sprayed it upon the 
scraped and bruised Beedrill.
The Beedrill withdrew his wings and tried to fling its big white drill at
he but fell on its face. Its wings folded in defeat as it laid there once 
again, only movement was its small twitching antennas. Kiara sat
down next to the fallen Pokemon and reached into her bag to grab a 
couple poffins.
"Here you go
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She took in a deep breath, looking down at her bleeding fist. Her mind was racing
and all she could feel was the numb adrenaline rushing through her body. The cold
rain hitting her face turned into stinging hot tears as she looked at her beloved
companions laying down on the grass. Moon being the only source of light, showing
just a teaser of the pain and desperate fight that they were struggling through.
And it hurt her even more to realize that it was all done for love and loyalty for their
once strong trainer.
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My Guardian Angels (Colored) by AriesxLeo My Guardian Angels (Colored) :iconariesxleo:AriesxLeo 8 0 My Guardian Angels (Line Art) by AriesxLeo My Guardian Angels (Line Art) :iconariesxleo:AriesxLeo 0 2
Ship of My Heart
Here in the silence
breathing ever so softly
While here are my thoughts
in a mighty storm
As the darkness creeps
around my pained heart
The hopes and dreams I have
wriggle out in light form of strings
Ever so faded and torn
they fight their way wildly
Desperate to find an anchor
to tie them self down securely
Of all the lonely nights
feeling scared as ever
I can finally go ashore
and say "land ahoy"
:iconariesxleo:AriesxLeo 0 0
A Royal Caress by AriesxLeo A Royal Caress :iconariesxleo:AriesxLeo 3 0 Pastel Sky by AriesxLeo Pastel Sky :iconariesxleo:AriesxLeo 0 0 Kitty (Little Space) by AriesxLeo Kitty (Little Space) :iconariesxleo:AriesxLeo 3 0 Raccoon Pajammies (Boo) by AriesxLeo Raccoon Pajammies (Boo) :iconariesxleo:AriesxLeo 1 0 Raccoon Pajammies (Peek-a) by AriesxLeo Raccoon Pajammies (Peek-a) :iconariesxleo:AriesxLeo 1 0


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What is the reality of this world?

People pouring their hearts out, trying to get appreciation in one way or another. Trying to get a job, show off their art, make a new friend. Just to be shut down.. Potential of others are looked down upon these days. I see meaningless comics, trying to make a joke of being unsuccessful and make depression seem okay.

If people start to accept depression as the norm, to think its just funny to be that way. How can you expect yourself to truly feel better? I find it pathetic that those who are trying to make a difference in society are being stomped upon, while those who make it that way get all the glamour.

I used to be one of those that tried to keep my mouth closed, to think that everyone has their own. But there's a point people need to face reality. Where people need to realize that progress isn't made by sitting on your ass.

I make my art more for than a way to make myself popular. But more of a way to express what my own way of speaking cannot say. The world can push me down but as long as I can produce what I know is good. What's really called hardwork, who is honestly able to take that away from me?


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Breanna Vasquez
United States
This is just to collide all my art together and I just forgot the password to my last accounts lol

I'm Tsundere Stamp by iRYANiC I am Yandere Stamp by Marixrush :thumb641701663: :thumb641703514: :thumb641702413:

Birthday: April 11, 1998
Happily Taken since: January 16, 2016

(Also know as :iconthefemaledoctor1073: and :iconlittle-miss-otaku98:)

People I watch:
:icondalekwithakeyblade: :iconrussramos: :iconnoah-x3: :iconoverseerneversleeps: :iconozokami698: :iconkaduflyer: :icondanesempai: :iconsparkle-the-fox:

My Major Supporters:
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- Alice in the Country of Hearts
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- Vampire Kisses

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- Howl's Moving Castle
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- Tales of Earthsea

Anime Movies to Watch:
- Heart No Kuni No Alice
- Kite
- Kite Liberator
- Madoka Magica the Movie: Beginnings (P1)
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- Naruto Shippuden the Movie: Bonds
- Naruto Shippuden: The Movie

Animes I've Finished:
- Aria the Scarlet Ammo
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- Hell Girl
- Kotoura-san
- Madoka Magica
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- My Little Monster
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- Ouran High School Host Club
- Ozokami-san And Her Seven Companions
- Rosario + Vampire
- Soul Eater
- Soul Eater Not!
- Spice and Wolf
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- Tokyo Ghoul
- Toradora!
- Trinity Blood
- Vampire Knight
- XXXholic

Animes I Need to Finish:
- Bleach
- Chobits
- Deadman Wonderland (?)
- Devil May Cry
- Fairy Tail
- Inuyasha
- K-On
- Kill La Kill
- Lucky Star
- Naruto Shippuden
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- Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters GX

Animes to Start:
- Accel World
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- Kaze no Stigma
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