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The first thing I wanted to say is that I absolutely love this drawing. It's awesome in every detail: the worms, the stuffing comicg ou...

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Excuse me what the fxxk by AriesMelody Excuse me what the fxxk :iconariesmelody:AriesMelody 8 1 _- Swap -_ by AriesMelody
Mature content
_- Swap -_ :iconariesmelody:AriesMelody 7 1
Deep-sea Prisoner
Anybody up there who cares to help me?

Guess not.
I mean… can’t really blame ‘em for chainin’ me down here.
I WAS a pretty shitty person after all.
But how come I get stuck in FUCKING MARIANA TRENCH, perpetually drownin’ n’ unable to speak n’ all other rapists get to prance around like goddamn gay ponies?
I mean, I either get to walk earth as well or these people get trapped with me down here too!
N’ why do I keep talkin’ to myself like a moron?
Wait, I’m not talking to myself, there’s a fish there!

Who am I kiddin’, these are just thoughts, motherfucker can’t hear me. Plus, not like it understands.
Can someone fish me back up? I’m goin’ INSANE down here, talkin’ to myself n’ shit, haven’t I waited long enough!?
It’s dark down here…
Can I at least get a light?
Quick author’
:iconariesmelody:AriesMelody 1 0
You feel it
Here with you
Transparent hands grabbing your arms
Searching for something
What is it?
Your humanity.
The hands reach your eyes
Cold fingers wrap around the orbs
And you see
Concrete abstraction
Serious nonsense
Warm coldness
Immortal death
Infinite milliseconds
Paradoxes jumping around tying you up tying each other up like weak unbreakable ropes no hope to escape like a maze going around in circles chasing your own tail like a dog until you throw yourself into a wall it breaks like it’s made of paper and you fall
Into white nothingness
:iconariesmelody:AriesMelody 3 0
.: Claws :. by AriesMelody .: Claws :. :iconariesmelody:AriesMelody 9 5 ~ Cuties in love ~ by AriesMelody ~ Cuties in love ~ :iconariesmelody:AriesMelody 9 3
Weird dream sequence
Where am I?
What am I wearing?
Who am I dancing with?
His hand feels cold against my waist, even if there’s the smooth silk of a simple dress covering my body
I have never danced like this before, yet it feels natural and familiar,just like the song he is humming
It’s a simple tune, that is bringing me back to my childhood…
Suddenly the scene changes
The dress is gone, replaced by a pure white nightgown
The tune the man was humming is replaced by a…. Nursery rhyme?
It’s a language I can’t recognize, recited by a male voice that is rough and slightly high-pitched
“Bubu che sento freddo.
(Bubu I’m cold)
mi mandano a sparare
(they’re sending me to shoot)
con un tozzin di pane
(with a tiny piece of bread)
per darlo al lupo.
(to give it to the wolf.)
Il lupo si arrabbiò,
(The wolf got angry)
tutte le pecore si mangiò.
(He ate all of the sheep.)
Mi rimase un agnellino;
(I only had a lamb left; )
lo portai a Sant’Antonino.
:iconariesmelody:AriesMelody 3 7
I don't even know by AriesMelody I don't even know :iconariesmelody:AriesMelody 11 5
Finally something about the damn plot
The sky was so bright that day…
I still remember the warmth on my skin, the rays of the sun reflecting on his golden hair, and his wings…
Yes, I still remember his wings, what they were like before… White… And Blue… Those light shades of blue we both loved…
We used to play together in the sky all the time… Oh, how I miss those days… Do you miss them too… Lucifer? Of course you don’t… You said that to my face… You…
“I  hate all you stand for!”
It hurt… It hurt so bad… It hurt so bad and it still does and you can’t even see it why can’t you see it why did you say that I remember you were the one that said words could kill did you want me to die why Luci why we were happy why did you decided to leave why like that was it my fault-
My train of thought is interrupted by someone knocking at my door. I quickly wipe the tears that started to fall from my eyes without me realiz
:iconariesmelody:AriesMelody 5 6
+ Day's Star + by AriesMelody + Day's Star + :iconariesmelody:AriesMelody 10 3 Lucifer but drawn with a blue ball-point pen by AriesMelody Lucifer but drawn with a blue ball-point pen :iconariesmelody:AriesMelody 12 8 X The Wyvern's Downfall X by AriesMelody X The Wyvern's Downfall X :iconariesmelody:AriesMelody 10 16 x Good for Something x by AriesMelody x Good for Something x :iconariesmelody:AriesMelody 10 4 I need some Holy Water by AriesMelody I need some Holy Water :iconariesmelody:AriesMelody 15 0 Kuro [Updated reference sheet] by AriesMelody Kuro [Updated reference sheet] :iconariesmelody:AriesMelody 9 14 .| Love is Sweet... |. by AriesMelody .| Love is Sweet... |. :iconariesmelody:AriesMelody 10 10


HAPPY BIRTH by cutgut HAPPY BIRTH :iconcutgut:cutgut 4,749 260 Ankatu (Earth) - reference by Floraenllamas Ankatu (Earth) - reference :iconfloraenllamas:Floraenllamas 15 0 Space - reference by Floraenllamas Space - reference :iconfloraenllamas:Floraenllamas 23 6 Mug ref by SkyMeowCute Mug ref :iconskymeowcute:SkyMeowCute 11 9 Lollipop ref by SkyMeowCute Lollipop ref :iconskymeowcute:SkyMeowCute 7 0 Lemon Cotton Candy ref by SkyMeowCute Lemon Cotton Candy ref :iconskymeowcute:SkyMeowCute 8 0 Me by SkyMeowCute Me :iconskymeowcute:SkyMeowCute 11 5 Septiplier Week - Day 7: Earth/Space by Floraenllamas Septiplier Week - Day 7: Earth/Space :iconfloraenllamas:Floraenllamas 85 11 Commission: Light Dragon! by AmericanBlackSerpent Commission: Light Dragon! :iconamericanblackserpent:AmericanBlackSerpent 21 13 b e a r Boii by WhiipSaw b e a r Boii :iconwhiipsaw:WhiipSaw 8 2 Creepypasta Cafe- Dress Code by PreciousKnightwalker Creepypasta Cafe- Dress Code :iconpreciousknightwalker:PreciousKnightwalker 119 13 son of man playing in the bg by cutgut son of man playing in the bg :iconcutgut:cutgut 1,865 174 Fortune Teller by Alloween Fortune Teller :iconalloween:Alloween 217 9 Candy Teeth and Rabbit by Alloween Candy Teeth and Rabbit :iconalloween:Alloween 273 11 Little Gaster Adventures and papyrus by Elizabetharte Little Gaster Adventures and papyrus :iconelizabetharte:Elizabetharte 275 26 .VS The Ink Machine. by Hetiru .VS The Ink Machine. :iconhetiru:Hetiru 487 20



A girl from my class some time ago organized a dinner at a pizzeria to get to know each other before the start of school.
I actually managed to talk to people and after the party someone decided it would have been a good idea to start drinking beer, so I followed them bad influences to the beach, which was deserted.
At some point a very sober and disappointed me and another girl decided to ditch them, probably not the best decision considering they were all drunk as fuck, and we went for ice cream, then she kept me company until my dad came to get me.
Best night ever OuOb
Sdsdsdsd school starts tomorrow sdsdsdsdsd my classmates are bad influences who smoke or/and drink sdsdsdsd at least I'm going to a school full of kids of my kind who don't know how to deal with people =)
Excuse me what the fxxk
I redesigned my sona
Now they look and act more like me
Now they A R E me-
_- Swap -_
Contains some body horror

Uh,,, yeah
A lady with an eye instead of a mouth and two mouths instead of eyes
Tagged by this lovely f*cker: Masky-Moo 

1. Real Name: I'm not telling HAH

2. Nickname(s): Mel, Melon, Murder, Mattie, Matita
3. Zodiac Sign: Aries
4. Male or Female: Biologically female, but sometimes I want people to call me a guy for some reason???

5. Elementary: ew - same
6. Middle School: ew - idem
7. High School: ew - ditto
8. Hair Color: Light brown
9. Long or Short: Average
10. Loud or Quiet: Depends
11. Sweats or Jeans: Baggy jeans
12. Phone or Camera: Phone
13. Health Freak: Nope
14. Drink or Smoke: No, although I seem high all the time :P
15. Do you have a crush on someone: Yeah but today he said "She'd look better if she fell face-first on the ground" so now I kinda wanna throw him from a five-stories building,,,
16. Political orientation: //hISS
17. Piercings: None
18. Tattoos: I'd like to,,,

19. Airplane: No
20. Car Accident: No
21. Fist Fight: No

22. First Piercing: As I said before, no
23. First Best Friend: Wissal. It was harsh to lose her friendship,,,
24. First Instrument played: Classic guitar
25. First Award: I don't think I've ever won an award,,,
26. First Crush: This girl who was pretty much an asshole but my brain was too stupid to see that
27. First Language: Italian
28. First Big Vacation: Last week, it was a school trip, we went to Vienna and Budapest!!! :D

29. Last Person you talked to: My sister
30. Last Person you texted: Mom
31. Last Person you watched: I don't remember their nickname but they were very good :D
32. Last Food you ate: Rice
33. Last Movie you watched: I don't remember,,, :'D
34. Last Song you listened to: Fairly Local by Twenty One Pilots
35. Last Thing you bought: Pringles :P
36. Last Person you hugged: Angelica :D

37. Food: Hamburgers and fries OçO
38. Drinks: Water and probably cappucino
39. Clothing: Hoodies!!! Especially oversized ones :D
40. Book: Either Doctor Sleep by Stephen King, The Witch by Camila Lackberg or The Trilogy of Earthsea by Ursula LeGuin
41. Color: Green, grey or aqua
42. Flower: Idk :P
43: Music: *Long inhale* NU, rock, rapcore, rap, queercore, breakcore, glitchcore, electronic music, alternative pop, alternative rock, pop, hip-hop and trip-hop
Also, vaporwave music
44. Movies: Deadpool, I can't wait for Deadpool 2 to come out! ^~^
45. Shoes: Who cares! They're just shoes!! - I agree with U on this - Me too, although I have a slight preference for boots :P
46. Subjects: LUNCH :D
Jk, probably Literature and art

47. [N] Kissed In The Snow
48. [N?] Celebrated Halloween 
49. [Y] Had Your Heart Broken
50. [N] Went Over The Minutes On Your Cell Phone
51. [Y] Someone Questioned Your Sexual Orientation 
52. [Y to some people] Came Outta The Closet
53. [N] Gotten Pregnant
54. [N] Had An Abortion
55. [Y] Done Something You've Regretted 
56. [Maybe?] Broke A Promise
57. [Y] Kept A Secret
58. [Maybe] Pretended To Be Happy 
59. [Y?] Met Someone Who Changed Your Life 
60. [N] Pretended To Be Sick
61. [N] Left The Country
62. [N] Tried something you normally wouldn't like, and liked it.
63. [N?] Cried Over The Silliest Thing
64. [N] Ran A Mile
65. [Y, but only twice and both times I was on my period hhh,,,] Went To The Beach
66. [Y :') ] Stayed Single


67. Eating: Nothing
68. Drinking: Nothing
69. Getting ready to: Do my homework, I hate my life :'D
70. Listening to: My sister being annoying
71. Plans for tomorrow/today: Draw and listen to my fav CD on repeat-
72. Waiting for: The love of my life
Jk, actually, nothing


73. Want kids: Not really?
74. Want to get married: Maybe
75. Careers in mind: Artist or animator!!! :happybounce:


76. Lips or Eyes: Probably eyes :3
77. Shorter or Taller: Makes no difference
78. Romantic or Spontaneous: Spontaneous?
79. Nice Stomach or Nice Arms: Stomach - Same :D
80. Sensitive or Loud: Sensitive
81. Hook-up or Relationship: Relationship! ^u^
82. Troublemaker or Hesitant: Little bit of both - Ditto

83. Lost glasses/contacts: Nope
84. Ran away from home: No
85. Held a weapon for self defense: No
86. Killed somebody: Uuuh,,, no, what the fuck??? Although sometimes I kinda wanted to brutally murder my Religion teacher...
87. Broken someone's heart: Nope, I don't think someone ever even liked me??? X'D
88. Been arrested: Thank God no,,,

90. Yourself: Pffft-
91. Miracles: I guess they can happen
92. Love at first sight: Not really...
93. Heaven: Idk :P
94. Santa Claus: Lol no XD
96. Magic: Idk about that either

97. Is there one person you wanna be with right now: Tbh I wanna hang out with some friends but I have way too much homework, we don't live really close to each other and they both spend 70% of the time studying hhhh- QuQ
98. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life: No, I actually kinda hate it...
99. Do you believe in God: Fuck no, I'm a LaVeyan Satanist
100. Post as 100 Truths and tag five people: I'm doing the first thing but not the second one lol :P


Hello and welcome to my profile.
I usually go by Mel, but you can also call me Melody, Melbourne or Aries.
I'm some sort of edgy teen that is currently confused on her gender, so I just go by female pronouns since that's my sex, but I'm also ok with people using male and neutral pronouns
I pretty much draw and write 24/7 while listening to music.
Also, I love gorenoise.
I'm not that experienced as an artist, I still have a lot of things to learn, but I'm trying my best to improve!

I'm pretty chill so you don't need to be afraid to talk to me (even tho I don't see why someone would need be afraid to talk to me anyways) :3

Some nice ppl that you might like:

My sis :iconfivemangle: and her soul twin :iconstealthydarkness:

Another sis :iconkannibalsnakesamxiii:

Gud poetry here --> :iconunknowngoalkeeper:

Some awesome friendos:

:iconkaiisnowirish: :iconwerewolf666666: :iconsinshineislame: :iconyunivulpes: :icontheyeequeen: :iconqueenofcunts: :icondarkshreaders: :iconloralove8:
:iconwwolfsong: :icongagiass1545:

If you're in for some nice adopts, here's :iconthemoonlitmasquerade:

A crazy sweetheart that makes awesome art: :iconmilkycaramel0w0:

All hail the Sin Queen X'D (She might make you uncomfortable, but she's an awesome gal :3 )

Mess with them and I'll track your IP down and kill you with a chainsaw.

If you like my art then you can also check out my Instagram (murdermelody) or my Tumblr (RoaringMelody)



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Hey buddy buddo

1. I made adopts!

2. I’m taking a small hiatus until the 8th cause... some shit is going down... dealing with an obsessive stalker. If you read my status it tells wtf is going on. And click on CAcartoon’s name, and look at her last two journals, cause it explains what’s going down
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2. Aw man, I'm sorry for that,,, see ya, take care :'3
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