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Drawing my friends' OCs! by Ariesayu Drawing my friends' OCs! :iconariesayu:Ariesayu 38 5 Long time no see Kuroo by Ariesayu Long time no see Kuroo :iconariesayu:Ariesayu 19 0 Lon'qu by Ariesayu Lon'qu :iconariesayu:Ariesayu 59 18 Katsurou sketches by Ariesayu Katsurou sketches :iconariesayu:Ariesayu 42 10 Hello I made a BNHA OC by Ariesayu Hello I made a BNHA OC :iconariesayu:Ariesayu 54 46 Where are you, Annie? by Ariesayu Where are you, Annie? :iconariesayu:Ariesayu 52 6 Facestudy2 by Ariesayu Facestudy2 :iconariesayu:Ariesayu 22 3 Ymir by Ariesayu Ymir :iconariesayu:Ariesayu 85 10 Ink Jazz by Ariesayu Ink Jazz :iconariesayu:Ariesayu 32 0 need a Konoha in your life by Ariesayu need a Konoha in your life :iconariesayu:Ariesayu 82 21 Zen baby~ by Ariesayu Zen baby~ :iconariesayu:Ariesayu 36 7 Tanaka-the-cool-one by Ariesayu Tanaka-the-cool-one :iconariesayu:Ariesayu 40 6 Le Spark by Ariesayu Le Spark :iconariesayu:Ariesayu 25 11 Twitter hq fanart by Ariesayu Twitter hq fanart :iconariesayu:Ariesayu 36 2 Falling by Ariesayu
Mature content
Falling :iconariesayu:Ariesayu 40 11
Don't u dare take my man [GANGSTA. Spoilers] by Ariesayu
Mature content
Don't u dare take my man [GANGSTA. Spoilers] :iconariesayu:Ariesayu 14 3


Mabuchi Kou - Talk To Me.
→ Mabuchi Kou x Reader.
→ Word Count : 1.636
→ English is not my first language so I hope you’ll forgive my mistakes.
→ You can listen to this song as you read even though it is in French and probably not appealing to anyone /out/
→ Slight swearing, the F word was said multiple times.
The lights were blinding her, the music, too loud, was hurting her ears. The heat and the clammy atmosphere were sticking to her, making her almost sweaty. She didn’t like those kind of places, loud and crowded, but tonight she craved the attention. She needed all the noise she could find to fill the void in her head. It was one of these nights were she wasn’t thinking of anything, she couldn’t, and instead of just laying in her bed and wait for the feeling to go away, she called old acquaintances that she had cut ties with for a while now and, with those legal people, she went clubbing. They pu
:iconeunbiased:EunBiased 3 6
Oikawa Tooru - Late.
→ Oikawa Tooru x Reader
→ Word count : 2.552
→ English is not my first language, I hope you'll forgive any grammar mistakes. Don't hesitate to point them out to me though, I'd like to improve.
→ I recommend that you listen to this song as you read.
Hajime’s big hand found his sister’s smaller one and their fingers intertwined out of habit. The (h/c) haired young woman still had her eyes glued to what was her third mojito, it was empty already but still she played with her straw and the slowly melting ice cubes.
« Do you want to go home ?» he worried quietly.
« I’m fine, Hajime.»
Was what she said, ignoring the fact that her hand tightened on her brother’s. She was not fine.
« (Y/N), look at me. Tell me the truth.»
That was not even necessary, he read through her lies as if she were an open book. She looked up at him to fin
:iconeunbiased:EunBiased 14 16
Kuroo Tetsurou - Worth The Wait
→ Kuroo Tetsurō x Reader.
→ Word count : 5.060
→ I’m not a native speaker so I hope you’ll forgive any of my stupid mistakes.
→ Read the description I guess ?
Her weekends were all the same. She came back to Tokyo by train, exhausted from her four days of uni -even more from her sleepless nights spent on Netflix while Skyping Kenma (she was nineteen years old but apparently still needed her mom to tell her to go to sleep and take her devices away). She used her long weekends to sleep, sleep, relish in not having to worry about cooking, cleaning or having to shop for groceries, sleep, eat and more importantly see the friends she left behind and missed as hell. Why did she choose to graduate in the only subject that was not a part of Tokyo University’s classes again ?
On this particular day though, she changed her plans. She passed on being lazy and woke up early to eat lunch at a relative’s. It’s been too long since she last saw
:iconeunbiased:EunBiased 17 11
Yokai AU|Kenran x Naomitsu by shisaireru Yokai AU|Kenran x Naomitsu :iconshisaireru:shisaireru 147 4 The Dragon Cry movie|Fairy Tail Fanart|NaLu by shisaireru The Dragon Cry movie|Fairy Tail Fanart|NaLu :iconshisaireru:shisaireru 269 14 First drawing and painting on iPad by aenaluck First drawing and painting on iPad :iconaenaluck:aenaluck 546 30 [CM] Kikyo 2 by Lumaki-o [CM] Kikyo 2 :iconlumaki-o:Lumaki-o 552 11 at with friend! by mananeez at with friend! :iconmananeez:mananeez 90 9 P E A C E by anruki P E A C E :iconanruki:anruki 151 26 - by anruki - :iconanruki:anruki 182 16 [OC] Haize by 24hrs-coma
Mature content
[OC] Haize :icon24hrs-coma:24hrs-coma 326 10
[OC] Rabbit bby by 24hrs-coma [OC] Rabbit bby :icon24hrs-coma:24hrs-coma 146 9 [OC] Vira Vira by 24hrs-coma [OC] Vira Vira :icon24hrs-coma:24hrs-coma 283 19 [OC] Priest by 24hrs-coma [OC] Priest :icon24hrs-coma:24hrs-coma 193 20 EVA 01 by maciejkuciara EVA 01 :iconmaciejkuciara:maciejkuciara 1,687 50 K I S H O by anruki K I S H O :iconanruki:anruki 206 28




Hey I'm Arie and I draw, It's nice to meet you ೭੧(❛▿❛✿)੭೨ !

Social Media:

I'm most active on instagram, twitter and tumblr!

Commissions: Closed
Art Trades: Send through a note, depends!
Requests: Don't do requests, unless mentioned otherwise!

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Drawing my friends' OCs!
Did the draw your friends' OCs in your style meme thing from Twitter!
I loved drawing them I love drawing other ppls OCs in general ;A; :heart:
As for the tags, if there are two names it's first the twitter handle and then the instagram handle, if there's only one it's mostly the twitter handle, mostly.

guys I love your ocs.... I hope I did them justice
113 deviations
Long time no see Kuroo
Hi small update! I thought I should post something here again sorry it's just a sketch I'm a bit swamped with work still ;; But I hope you're doing well!
Hey people, it's been a while, hope you're doing well :)
I'm on semester vacation from uni right now so finally some time to draw again, also played Fire Emblem Awakening and I love it :heart:


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