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Moon Tango

By Aries888
I went through sooo many backgrounds trying to make this look right. Ended up using the simplest one. There were other things I wanted to add but I want to try some other stuff. If it becomes insanely popular then I might improve on it.
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TrueImmortality's avatar
Zutara=Argentinian tango.
I like this could make a very good fanfiction
Mirial88's avatar
Beautiful! I like Zutara...) Great job!
Angelamica's avatar
May I use your fanart for an AMV? You'll get credit for your work
Katsunichi's avatar
OMG i love it!!
Katara and Zukko SOOOOOO should have ended up together!!!!
Prettiful~ I love their poses.
Equine-hi's avatar
lol, I have a zutara in tango piece too. Plz check it out. love the art!
Kaos111's avatar
hehe Zuko's all suave
Mizuno-Suzuka's avatar
It's very pretty!
Mizuno-Suzuka's avatar
^_^ your very much welcome!
ilovezuko123's avatar
hehe... i DO love zuko!

Is it that obvious?
ilovezuko123's avatar
This is awesome! i'm so glad that you finished it! why don't you try a different background, submit it, and see what everyone thinks?
Aries888's avatar
thanks :floating: I'm working on something else now though
ilovezuko123's avatar
Aries888's avatar
It's Zuko. Thought you might like to know :)
nimbathien's avatar
Wow. Gorgey. ^^
ilithyahime's avatar
The background is so pretty, and the shading is really good too (especially on Zuko's hand).
Aries888's avatar
yay, i'm glad you think so :winner:
I do not like Zutara at ALL, but I still like this pic. xD
*faves* xD
Aries888's avatar
I'm not a zutara fan either. When I wanted to make a tango pic of avatar though, the two just felt right.
FirebendingAngelXD's avatar
beautiful :shocked: I love the moon!
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