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mask - ceramic 2004
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500x667px 56.84 KB
Canon PowerShot A80
Shutter Speed
1/25 second
Focal Length
8 mm
Date Taken
Jun 21, 2004, 4:35:17 PM
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Many thanks for this image - I'm a compositing newbie and this is for private work.

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This makes is fantastic. I have not seen it in years and am happy to have found a picture again. I love its destine. Easy and moving.
So dope! Good job
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Yes I really thought it looked metal also at first.
Good style like some superhero thing, er ... make that supervillian. :D
Gravesbane's avatar
ceramic? wow, i thought it was rusted metal. this thing is amazing!
jaster28's avatar
i love this mask where did it come from or from where in your mind did it come from
UnableToFindName's avatar
It's the masks that break away from looking like a person that I love the most. The lack of eye holes and facial comfort/shape really inspires me.You sir, know how to make a mask.
It looks like it's made out of metal. What is it really made out of?
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dude this looks like a bionicle mask that i saw a long time ago, man those were awesome. amazing job keep up the good work.
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Wow that is most cool. First thing I thought of when I saw this was a slasher movie killer. I bow to your skill.
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where did you get the idea for this? It looks amazing and i swear i would where that mask where ever the hell i went!!!
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Seriously cool! What inspired you to make it look like this?
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Very cool. It reminds me of the art in the RPG Mechanical Dream. :)
Itamu3rdSovereign's avatar
What A very cool mask
I would wear that. Definately.
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not to insult but is it base on something if so what
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It really looks like its made of Iron, nice going!
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Dude... What are the chances of you being able to tell me what your tools were?
I'm in a band and we use masks. I would love to use this mask (or my own version). I love the mask 10/10
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thank for comment.
this is ceramic i use clay,fring and glaze :)
is not useful :) for concerts.
maybe you make different materials maybe leather
or you can paint ur face.
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