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Stumbling upon a new object
She questions what it could be
Whether she is seeing clearly
As the object comes closer.
This new project composed of leaping and climbing
Becomes binding and winding.
Each new road
Leading to something…
Hesitance takes hold of her mind,
She hates it! Tries to leave it behind,
But stuck in a questioning on look of life,
She stumbles, learning to walk.
:iconarielleblackrose:Arielleblackrose 3 0
Rain falling,
Her mind not sure
To jump, or walk.
She wants to jump into the sea
To only be in the form
Of passionate immortality,
Yet land is so familiar and true.
That blue hue calling to her inner desire
Sparking that raging, cool fire.
It calls,
Dares her to be spontaneous, but she says
‘Baby steps’
And walks closer to the edge.
:iconarielleblackrose:Arielleblackrose 2 0
Grieving Words
Grieving Words
Time took you from me
It didn't make me feel free
Just ripped and
Dipped in a tar
That stuck to me like your love does.
I was thinking we would be
Yet dust settles in your coffin
And my words are no longer credible
From the grief laced within their syllables.
:iconarielleblackrose:Arielleblackrose 3 0
My Redaline
I'll tell you I love you.
I'll show physically,
How much I think you mean to me.
My love is maudlin
Mixed with adrenaline.
You are my ridaline
Reaching into my system
Going down and down
Not dimming me to a frown
But enough to know whats around
Other than high pitched frequency sounds.
You are my Frey
God of Peace
You don't just say bullshit
To calm me.
I welcome you in
With a lustful smile
As I freeze
While you enamore my body
Licking my core
With ostentatious eyes
Cajoling the Hela inside
As you take me for a ride
With rough ropes.
With whit like a chess master
You play into my heart
Faster and faster
An astromical, beguilling mystery
With blistering heat
Transferring energy.
Pride and prejucidce has nothing on us
As we create a fuss
From univeral differences
Marking our territory in opinions,
While trading perspectives
Glancing at each others nation
Trying to decide if we should hide
Or invade
The space of a parallel world
With the sharpness of double edged sw
:iconarielleblackrose:Arielleblackrose 3 0
Ground Zero
I'm drowning
Whatever you wanna call it
I see it as me dying
As me laying down taking the pain
Because this sense of helplessness won't go away
Because I deal with the fact I'm not good enough
Every day When I see your face and I'm reminded
I can't be what I feel you need me to be
And I'm drowning because I don't know what you need from me
And darling I know the thing's you've told me
I know I should be only what I am
But darling, being with a man like you
So simple, Just you, is hard to understand
When I'm at ground one hundred and eighty three
And you're on ground zero
My calming down there hero
And I'm all the way up here
And I can't help but fear that I will fall
Where you won't reach me
And when you whistle for my vision
You won't see
That I'm dead.
:iconarielleblackrose:Arielleblackrose 0 0
A Lost I Don't Know What
A memory
A real life memory drifting
In and out of my mind
Even though I left you behind,
You still follow.
I still feel what I did in those moments
Of confusion
Lovely seclusion
And heavy lust
Now compacted into one statement.
I miss you.
This is lost to me
I don't see how or why
Because in our time
You would leave me for a while
Coming back with an excuse and a
"Please, I'm sorry will you just see me"
I did
For a while.
I was a bit of a liar
To do so.
I just wanted you.
And I thought you felt that too
Not heard from
Not seen
Might as well be just another memory
"Please, I'm sorry will you just see me
Those words called to me
Like a beckon
I tried
But I couldn't, due to more complications
Thanks to other relations
But you never go that
You ignored that fact
Like it wasn't real
Like I felt after you left.
And I was frustrated.
You were redundant
In asking for me
In your presence
Like a fox
Like me
But I still miss your essen
:iconarielleblackrose:Arielleblackrose 1 0
Head or Tales
She stood between two men who her heart desired more than she could comprehend. She stood facing north, not facing either of them while listening to their breathing and words knowing they wanted her. One more than the other perhaps. She listened, each word taking a part of her soul to each person until she was broken down not knowing who had more pieces of her. To her right stood a tall man with slightly tanned skin and dark hair that swooped across his forehead creating a picture perfect look that made him more attractive to the common eye. His eyes were brown, the color of chocolate, the color of earth that gives life to new emotions throughout the world. Everyone’s essence in the world was composed of swirls and his were almost chaotic and frantic in their mission to have her. They reached towards her giving her explanation after explanation to get the point across that he deserved his fate with her. That he loved her and that he would do what it took to have her. He pleaded,
:iconarielleblackrose:Arielleblackrose 3 3
Three syllabes
Everyone a possible goodbye
An extended hopeful lie
That you could remain
Here with me
One more day.
Looking at you
Lying on dreadful white
I see no purity
I see no light
Because there is a constant blue
Strangling me
Stabbing me
Through and through
When I simply gaze on you.
Oxygen forced into your lungs
Has death taken over yet?
Am I simply over reacting
Do I need to fret?
Because lover, my face has stayed wet
With tears for at least a year
At the constant sound of
Up and down
Goes your ribs
The I.V sounds
Here you  are bound to mortal pain
You have nothing to gain
Here in limbo.
I am so curious as to what you see
Because lover you are my distraction
You are now my fatal attraction
As I hope you stay alive.
December First
The punching bag knocked me over
With the words
I'm sorry Your lover is in a coma
Painted on its surface
I lost my sanity
I lost my soul
I sank to my knees and prayed
Prayed that you would s
:iconarielleblackrose:Arielleblackrose 5 0
No Such Things As Ghosts
There was an eerie silence.
It felt like violence
Dead and gone.
It creeped up my spine,
I felt all my sanity leave me
As my dusty footsteps stayed behind
As I continuously,
Moved forwards.
I felt my blood run cold.
I had nothing to hold
Except the fog coming from my breath.
I let out a sigh....
Oh me, Oh my....
Where am I??
Protruding from the hall wall
Was a female chest with barely a neck connected to it
And it moved up and down as if it was breathing...
As if it was still needing air to live.
It said my name...
As I walked by.
I heard her scream
Hoping I wouldn't say goodbye
But dear, she did frighten me!
Laughter was a secret that seemed to be hidden
In the floor boards.
With each step I heard someone smile.
I heard the melody and crackle of laughter
Like death was never going to find them
As if it never had.
This house was a nightmare.
This house was my dream!
And lord I couldn't be sewn up
By god himself if he did try
Because I was this house,
This was mine
And each step
:iconarielleblackrose:Arielleblackrose 1 0
A Stained Child
She looks in the mirror.
She is afraid the others will fear her,
Not get near her,
Because she has done wrong.
She walks in the halls
Memorizing the faces corrupted with sneers.
She can't contain her urge to cry
She can't help but want to say goodbye
To the world that never held treasure.
A tenebrous house
Watching her every movement.
There is no measure
To what they will do
When they find out
She's done wrong too.
"Please god"
She prays and prays
"Don't let daddy hit me
Cause I misbehaved."
Her conscience haunts her...
She gives no consent.
But it's wretched;
Bending her skin till she gasps in pain
Causing her own storm
Because she let the devils horn pierce her body
And now she pays rent to the devil himself
Because now she's truly apart of this world.
Love is never real
Your soul can't really heal
Once it's been broken.
Life takes your hope like a golden token
Begging for a treasure that won't be there,
But it still doesn't care
Because the world is greedy.
It's needy
For souls who
:iconarielleblackrose:Arielleblackrose 7 13
A White Angel
Let me expose my inner secrets through my blood
To run down your eyes
So maybe you can glimpse my life.
When the clock strikes twelve,
Notice the jump in your heart
When the bell starts to ring
And demons sing
Welcoming you to what I see.
Don't jump to conclusions yet!
Let us see each others pain
Because what else do you need to gain
Except anothers perspective?
Accept what you do not know.
Picture me in white
Because from twelve on
I am the demon posessing your body
As you have witnessed my blood
And now you cry for God in the night.
I want you to know,
I simply take delight in your fear
Because my blood as sunk into your pours
Sending energy to me more and more
Because what else do I have to gain except more life?
:iconarielleblackrose:Arielleblackrose 10 7
It's All A Matter Of Opinion
Beat down the door
Unlock the key
Open your mind
Be free.
Envision a love
To lift you above
In a time of perfect magic.
Don't let a kiss ever be tragic
With goodbye as the echoing note
Poudning in your ears.
Face your years with laughter and joy
Don't be treated like a misgarded toy
And you when you laugh
Be yourself
Because even one of lifes greatest pleasures
Can conatain a falshood.
:iconarielleblackrose:Arielleblackrose 0 0
A Non Schizophrenic Love
When you whisper
'I love you'
The dust flies away
The rain washes down
And here I am
Found again
In a world where dust settles and rain drowns
But you
Make it all different.
The spirits of the gods say love is imaginary
That no such fairytale exists
But I can give you three reasons why
It does.
I count to ten and see you once again
When anger pulls over more than a dam ever could
Full of three oceans
And you cleanse me of this consuming emotion
Replacing it with hope.
Rain falls
Giving away kisses to the skin holding life
And your lips amoung these rain drops
While your pressence circles my heart,
Constricting everthing I am
Till I suffocate peacefully as I'm reminded there is another world away.
I sit at the top of a tree
Envisioning the world around me
And your eyes are the cave that holds everything
Pleading me to smile and laugh
With enough soul to make my atoms burst in a never ending bomb.
Maybe not enough, I know, to convince a God
But these examples provide proof
:iconarielleblackrose:Arielleblackrose 1 0
I Beg Of You
My widow,
I  can feel you
Mourning your loss
But fear not,
Nothing is ever truly lost.
Whisper in the wind,
I'll catch it with my hand!
Don't let our love end!
There is still sand left on land.
Don't stop breathing!
Don't stop needing
The purity of life
And consequences of freedom!
Us together, what more is there?
When we kissed I felt god
It hit me like a lightning rod
Piercing my blood,
Kneeing me in my stomach
With a love like this
I doubt anything less would be fair.
Continue my love!
I feel your loss
But fear not.
Nothing is ever truly lost.
:iconarielleblackrose:Arielleblackrose 0 0
My King, Your Queen.
Let me slide my tongue across your lips
Let me tell you of this rewarding bliss.
If you feel the need to scream
Then do so for only me.
When whispering words,
Make sure they are of ecstasy
Because here we are our own gods
Creating movement in this world like hurricanes
Where there is no need for sadness or despair.
With the brush of my fingertips up your spine
Let me love your backbone and call you mine.
With the images in your head
Create a masterpiece known to the telepathic world
Where gifts are freely given in the form of magical soul pieces.
Here we create art in the natural way .
We savour the night,
Relinquish the day
In need for more moonlight.
Romance only a whisper away .
Just come closer and feel my body upon yours!
We will open doors into october
To live in fantasy
Even though we are already King and Queen.
:iconarielleblackrose:Arielleblackrose 0 0
Cherry Flavored
The night I had my first paroxysm
Was a cold and calculated misfortune
With an outburst radiating madness
Locked from within.
To many, my actions would simply be formed in one word
But no. I like curiosity far better.
I remember the night like a childhood friend.
Froth came gushing out of her mouth
Dripping onto the hard metal beneath her.
Her skin tasted metallic almost
Only encouraging my deep hunger for knowledge
Formed because of this lovely, sensational mistress.
Her hair smelled of honey
Dripping onto her shoulders leaving it's scent
Her skin was kissed by the moon
And after many months
It might as well have been a blood moon
But we must not get to that part to soon.
Her body was light as a feather
And I dearly loved brushing my fingertips against it.
The melodious voice that came forth from her wretched mouth
Always seemed like a snake before its bite
Never caring if the words were right
Just that they needed to be hurtful to me.
My dear, dear Annabelle Lee,
Why did she try
:iconarielleblackrose:Arielleblackrose 1 0



Poetry isn't just a hit and run deal. First you think about the feeling invoked by a certian person, object or sight. Then you have to put that into words which is the hardest part. Finding which syllables go together is like finding your soulmate. It takes time but so worth it because you have everything you want once you are finished. Putting phrases and words together is like building a house. Every layer, pipe and nail is important in the structure and one mistake could mislead someone into thinking something is safe when it isn't or the whole poem could come crumbling down. Poetry makes you face those deep emotions you want to purge yourself of because it brings out the tears and smiles that no one may know it is there till the words whisper in your ear telling you to come out and play and to stop hiding. Poetry isn't just hello and goodbye. It stays on your heart and soul till the day you die because a poem isn't finished until the author is. It is joy, heartache and a true gift.


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I use my poems to express feelings and to try and awaken feelings within others.
I use art as an outlet from reality even if it is just a few moments in time but I appreiciate it nonetheless.
I love talking and listening so I'm all ears but I loath smalltalk.
I love scarlet
I love the rose as a symbol because it is a beautiful because it can represent so much just by color.


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