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The Frozen Mermaid

By AriellaMay
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I've seen a lot of artwork of Elsa as a Little Mermaid style mermaid. This is why it would never work.


All for fun of course, I'm no hater. 

Elsa © Disney

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Deskjet F4400 series
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This is exactly why I prefer this creaturization of Elsa.

Queen Dragon-Elsa

Good pic though.

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A paradox! A paradox! A most ingenious paradox!
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Hahaha yes indeed, and thank you!
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Even it should placed on water, not on very cold ice block.
TheTriumphgurl's avatar
I was frozen today!

I had tonmake a Nostalgia Critic reference.
Captain America Thumbs Up I understood that reference.
I wanted to make it, too.
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My thoughts exactly! Awesome work!
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I love this VERY much!

Poor girl
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Glad you like it!! :lol: 
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THANK you. XD I've had the same thought so many times.
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:D :D You are welcome lol!! 
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I love Frozen, but this image is hilarious! XD
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Haha thanks!! ;) 
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I am a Frozen hater so this is quite funny.
"How I feel about Frozen." *links this image* :bird: 

I still like this picture, whether intended as liking or hating.
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Glad you like it :) 

Its just for fun, to make people laugh! ^^ 
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