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Ice Cream Queen

By AriellaMay
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Very rough sketch of something that popped into my head the other night :lol: I needed an original crossover, with all this Jack x Elsa going around! Not that it doesn't make sense (of all the ships I've seen around dA, actually makes the most) so instead here's something new for ya'll. 

It feels good to draw, haven't been able to in a while :) Back to portfolio-ing now! 

Elsa and Vanellope (c) Disney
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Deskjet F4400 series
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You mean like in Candyland? :)
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LOL! Vanellope just teleported. Elsa can do that too. Yes, Elsa can make ice cream. Elsa can also stop ageing and is immune to alcohol.
With the new Wreak-it Ralph movie, this crossover will be canon!
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Oh wow i didn't even think of that! You're right!
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HAHA funny!...
A cute follow up to this.

Anna comes in suddenly.

Anna: "Did someone say ice cream!"
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hell yeah!:. i want to see that!!!
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Hahah definitely a cute idea!
Worst movie, meet Best movie.
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This is a cute crossover. And love the look on elsa's face haha
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Thank you, I'm glad you like it! :) 
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Elsa making ice cream? Sounds like a great idea! :3
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I'm fed up of seeing 'Jelsa' everywhere, it's driving me nuts. Worse is 'Helsa' and 'Elsanna'.

Anyway, nice drawing, Vanellope looks super-cute and I like the sketchy-look you've got going.
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Oh gosh. Some of those are just terrible. Sometimes its fun to imagine characters from different movies meeting… but it can get a little distasteful in some cases… 

Thank you! Haha sketchy look is the best when I'm feelin lazy! :XD: 
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Yes I agree. Jennifer Lee said that Elsa and Ralph (Wreck-It Ralph) would make a good couple if he was a real man and not a video game character. I think she's on to something there and an Elsa & Ralph pairing would be as cute as the Anna & Kristoff canon pairing.
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Haha no way!! I can definitely see them bonding over a few things… :lol:
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Yeah they'd be a cute couple if he was real. :)
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