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Sorry If I didin't reply to anyone ._.
I'm at home just for this weekend and the next week..but it's too hot, it's the fist time in 3 days that I use my pc :cry:
And I read today that we'll be near to 44° ç_ç I'LL DIE, I'M SURE.
Yesterday I watch The Beauty and the Beast at the cinema in 3D. I want a prince too.
(:giggle:) so I was wondering about " yes..LOVE"..asking to myself WHY seems so difficult to find someone that truly love you.
Anyway..just a bit and quick feature! :3

.: Thy Raven Wings :. by NatiatVII :thumb312722557: :thumb312695391: Like a dream by Fragoline Black Riding Hood by Doucesse One Saturday Morning Serie by Spiritimk Young Lady by Mariana-Vieira :thumb311502363: Letters from the sky by fourteatwo Children Of The Night by d3fect

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Très beau choix, je suis honoré d'en faire partie :blushes:
Merci :blowkiss:
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Thank you so much for featuring me :hug:
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my pleasure!^_^ :hug:
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Wè !! Grazie mille, cara!! Molto gentile!! :heart:
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Noi donne del sud si che sappiamo cosa significa morire di caldo XD
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You're having a good time, even though the heat is unbearable!
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yes at least yes, eheh, but studying with this hot temperatures is..a torture!
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That's true!
Just try to cool yourself every now and then!:)
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D= I'll send as much cold as I can!
There is still snow up north in the mountains :giggle:

aah yes love... that fickle thing XD
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I hate you ç_ç
today we have 35°!
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haha naww :tighthug:
we have 20 today @___@
*sends some snow*
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