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Hey guys! This is the second part of my Art Feature. These are the best works that I`ve chosen during these months and faved.
I really hope you`ll like it! :aww:
You can see the first part here  Art Feature - Autumn First Part-First Part of this Art Feature! The next one will be in October :)
Show some love to these artists!
          On the eighth day by streamweb
 Azrael by Majentta  Broceliande by ClairObscurArt  LOST IN TIME by MirellaSantana  Noite Serena - (Simple Manip) by Wesley-Souza Titania by Aegils Divine Beauty by Irina-Ponochevnaya Gemini by Liancary-art  Sky full of stars v2 by BaxiaArt Astry by Justine1985 The Zodiacs: Pisces by KlairedeLys Autumn Colors by bwaworga 
 and as usual, show your love to these amazing artits.

From the depths of the soul by Pidimoro  Green Temptation by Shadow-Pix   Metamorphosis by DarkVenusPersephonae  Tell me the reality is better than the dream by StarsColdNight Against the darkness by MirellaSantana
Lake of tears by Ioneek   *lost fairy* by CosmicAmethystArt <da:thumb id="309519017"/>   ... by Makusheva  N I G H T W A T C H by LINGDUMSTUDOG  Small world III by Inside-my-ART  Enjoy your fall by iTaylie Begin Again by MyLifeThroughTheLens  Nature by Spiegellicht  Cerisier by AdrianaFilip  Singing in the Rain. by OliviaMichalski  To catch your dreams by Pajunen Time is precious by FrancescaDelfino  give a little love by lovemyscars  Glow by BaxiaArt  Midnight Whales by tamaraR   Goddess. by SieraSelene Lead Me by LienSkullova  Valley of the Fairies by amebleu  Let There Be Rock by LadyEvilArts  Alone by fallenZeraphine  Fairy Tale by nina-Y Alone by kimsol <da:thumb id="529035309"/>  Hexe by Celtica-Harmony  Deep sea 2 by ElenaDudina  Green by LilifIlane  _Looking glass society. by PurpureaPhotography   Visitor by Nelleke <da:thumb id="540231328"/>  Out of a Tale by WishmasterAlchemist Dark F a e 2 by urbania13  Days of light by KellieArt <da:thumb id="541369407"/>  Night light by Euselia <da:thumb id="540950040"/> Luise by Megan-Arts  The Portal by Corvinerium  Bird of Prey by PetyaPlamenova  Fairy in the Grass by annewipf  Lavender dreams by NataliaCiobanu RedHead Dancer by DigitalDreams-Art  Littl' Secrets  by NoorL3yoon <da:thumb id="543125920"/>  Light My Way by little-spacey  summer by BaxiaArt Nael by madanmar  Fiori by Ophelia-Overdose  Eostre by AnaIsaebel  The rebirth of the stars by Liancary-art  Solitude by Iskander1989 Death Modus by LINGDUMSTUDOG  I Don't Speak Human .... by LucreciaMortishia   Into the Woods by QueThu  Come into my world... by RankaStevic A Feast of Luminosity by alexgphoto  Wish of Night by ChristabelleLAmort  Snowflake by amebleu  Sparrows Hollow by Nelleke  Mermaid's cave by ElenaDudina  Ekroom, L'inganno del tempo. by SaraForlenza <da:thumb id="546541656"/>  Magic Forest by LanaTustich  Brienne Crystal by Wesley-Souza Spellbound by idaniphotography  Dreamer's hideaway by FenneArts  Heavy by Nelleke  Violet by Finisternis  O C E A N by Doucesse Dark Angel by SvetlanaKLimova <da:thumb id="541567946"/>   Forbidden Fruit by Black-B-o-x 

Mature Content

Eris by DeniseWorisch
 La Belle Endormie by AlexandraVBach  Light and dark by adrianamusettidavila  The Ocean Room by theflickerees <da:thumb id="537477730"/>  Fire + Blood / I / Placid Fury by Cl0ud-Nine  <da:thumb id="550898376"/>  The Witch of the Mountains by shadeley  Buttermere Summer by scotto  Derpy Deer Face by TammyPhotography Broceliande by ClairObscurArt  HUA QIAN GU by xysy11  Summer flowers by NataliaCiobanu  Impure by nina-Y  The Keeper by octobre-rouge Red Roses - I by KimJSinclair  Part Of Me by MarcoHeisler  Guest Of Wind by shiny-shadows-Art  Bleed by Morphine-Cloud  .: K a l e i d o s c o p e :. by Nariscuss   Flaming Soul - Chaos by Mahafsoun  Dance of the nightingale by AshtrayheartRomina <da:thumb id="556490516"/>  Summer evening by Megan-Arts A Fairy Dance by Euselia   After Rain by Lilyas  .: W i t c h c r a f t :. by Nariscuss  Sangrando by DanielPriego  false flowers by Bathoriya Crystal Childs by ClairObscurArt  colibri by Makusheva <da:thumb id="561579799"/>  Windstill II - Panorama by DanielHeydecke  Forget Me Not by Kendra-Paige Thranduil by Pugoffka-sama  Selene by Carlos-Quevedo <da:thumb id="172515014"/>  Decadence by 1simplemanips1  Astry by Justine1985 Hidden secrets of the forest by Whendell  River Mermaid by Pygar  Leaf by Justine1985  Proserpina, tribute to Dante Gabriele Rossetti by Pidimoro  Daphne by FrancescaPoliti  

Mature Content

Asphyxia by ObscureLilium
  Lost in my world of books - Belle by giusynuno  Dragon1 by Elisanth  .: F a m i l y :. by Nariscuss Sunset Jamaica Beach by skywalkerdesign  Arachne's Wrath by michellemonique  Lake fairy by MariaSemelevich <da:thumb id="555284459"/>  Amarie by Celtica-Harmony I See the Light by ChristabelleLAmort 

Mature Content

The Torments by patriciabrennan
 <da:thumb id="565293009"/> 

Models that deserve your attention!

princess 6 by magikstock    Elf 8 by chirinstock  Spring 4 by Kuoma-stock Laces - Stock by MariaAmanda <da:thumb id="372317160"/>  Black Bride - Stock by MariaAmanda  Fairytale 3 by Kuoma-stock  Fall Fairy 1 by Sitara-LeotaStock Steampunk Aristrocrat Lady Stock 002 by MADmoiselleMeliStock    Black Cat 2 - stock by Mirish  Kimono-14 by Ita-Its-art <da:thumb id="323115383"/>  Perit 10 by Sitara-LeotaStock  Die Prinzessin der Schmetterlinge by 13-Melissa-Salvatore  The Wood Maiden 03 by Fuchsfee-Stock   Devil 4 by IrinaMarkiza  Stock - Faun Shaman Portrait Fantasy Female 18 by S-T-A-R-gazer Talyn Sorceress 165 by jagged-eye <da:thumb id="493769127"/>  152 by NastiaOsipovaStock   Sakura Princess 5 by Celtica-Harmony  DieNessel Stock. Plaque by DieNessel <da:thumb id="458699392"/> Stock 4 by Estelle-Photographie  Stock 5 by Estelle-Photographie  Maleficent stock II by MysteriaViolentStock  Voice of the Sea Stock 1 by KahinaSpirit  STOCK - Puppeteer 02 by LienSkullova Mortality. Stock by DieNessel <da:thumb id="426883309"/>  STOCK - Turquoise princess by Apsara-Stock  Stock 14 by Estelle-Photographie  Dark witch 1 by Liancary-art  300 by La-Esmeralda-Stock Queen Ginevra Stock 6 by DanielleFiore 

Shameless 2015 self promotion :giggle: 

What I'm Dreaming Of by Ariel87 He said E t e r n i t y by Ariel87  We're Forgiven by Ariel87  Our Farewell by Ariel87 <da:thumb id="576896890"/> <da:thumb id="576330420"/> 
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Thank you so much for the feature!!!! I'm honoured!!! :heart::blush: