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To celebrate my 8th year here, I want to do this massive art feature :aww:
Thanks to DA I`ve met a lot of lovely people, that I can call friends :D so this is also my thank you for your support, your affection and your lovely notes! :heart:

Spread and show some love. These are hard and dark times, we need that! :)

Reach Out To You by WishmasterAlchemist  Childhood memories by CindysArt sakura - The Unbearable Lightness of Being by jyoujo  Still Alive by Mirish  Dragon Forest by lithriel  Girl-Dragon by BriGht-liGht-NSH  Summer II by prismes   Legacy of the Goblin King II by MeliWallisdottir   Die Traenen der Rose by StefaniaRusso <da:thumb id="515065015"/> 

Mature Content

Heartless by stichesBodyBagTtags
  Falling from below by YaelPardina  In every detail, an eternity by DameTenebra   Let me Save you by shiny-shadows-Art  Adam I found dinner by CathleenTarawhiti   Soah by bellatrixaiden  Princess by KalosysArt   Milky Cross I by FaerieBlossom  Princess by Enamorte <da:thumb id="514854986"/>  Malice by AdriaticaCreation <da:thumb id="514094383"/>  Fire and Smoke by AlexandriaDior  HUNTER WOLVES by saritaangel07  Empty prayer by naradjou14  Reign of Darkness by alkab-art  For the birds... by KittyD  Travel to the Sea by annewipf  Lejos de ti by Marazul45   Blue Valentine - Happy Birthday Jen by lauraypablo  Mother Natures Embrace by parvanaphotography The Trail of Red by parvanaphotography  Reading Fairytales by KittyD  Porcelain by bwaworga  Russkoe boho by Anhen  Youll find us in the woods v.2 by bwaworga <da:thumb id="515493638"/>  <da:thumb id="514841508"/>  Amour Tempete by DigitalDreams-Art Danielle by eileenvanuitert  Lac Blanc par l'Aiguillette d'Argentiere by RobertoBertero <da:thumb id="513835601"/> <da:thumb id="514196103"/>  Inspiration by JustACapharnaum  A stroll down memory lane by Northstar76  Evening Majesty by Vint26 <da:thumb id="515232365"/>  Frozen Bubble by fruitpunch1 <da:thumb id="514470669"/>  wanderlust by pholwises  red by ezorenier  Subtle Shuksan by LAlight  Guichard lake III : Tranquil Morning by MaximeCourty  Peur by Kallaria be witched by Avine  gold birch by Avine   Wednesday by Theanimalparade  Cute and Deadly by IrenHorrors <da:thumb id="512064962"/>  lady valentine by Creamydigital  Among the memories that were in the reflection by vivi-art  Sweet Poison ACEO by EnysGuerrero Cobweb of dreams by AliceYuric   Wendolyne by EstherPuche-Art  hybrid by Vasylina  Strabos Assassin by Solaice  39. leaf at sunrise by fr33d0m0f3xpr3ss10n  Chaos Factory by W-E-Z  Hibernate by beyondimpression  Nocturne by Mahafsoun  Eye Steps by Ilqua Warrior's Soul (Thranduil) by Celtica-Harmony  Enlighten me... by keecee1  Theia - Goddess of Light by QueThu  Meet The MaGiC by shiny-shadows-Art  Ice crown by Liancary-art  Aladdin: A Whole New World by kelogsloops  Fight for your life by DesireeDelgado  Ariel washed ashore by Yuuza  Brave by Westling  Fire by Elchanan Icelandic pyramid by TomazKlemensak  RazorCandi by LeLePhotography  O D E T T E by Fairytas <da:thumb id="515125483"/>  The-Royals by EnchantedWhispersArt  Birdcatcher by AliaChek  Black Bird's Nightfall by nina-Y  ........... by ChiantyVex    wait until the full moon by naradjou14  Winter's Essence by Shirokibo  Death Priestess by Carlos-Quevedo  Be free by jiajenn  angel. by vinegar  Spirit Warrior by Whendell <da:thumb id="352593603"/> Aquarium by nina-Y  Lady in the red dress by LilifIlane  Beyond the Veil by LevanaTempest  Nell by escume <da:thumb id="516239930"/>  Filimeala by NiAnluain  Smeraldina by IgnisFatuusII  Portal by EnchantedWhispersArt Mother of Dragons by kuschelirmel  Queen of dracos by ChiantyVex <da:thumb id="515331330"/>  -The light shine on everyone equally- by Janek-Sedlar <da:thumb id="458144895"/>  Ophelia by Avine  moments of regret by sparkbearer  Poison Ivy by moonchild-ljilja Come to the masquerade by Chuchy5  The secret flower by RosiSB  Untitled by RosiSB  Camarilla Agram 14.2.2015. 22 by ivoturk  Shamaness by annewipf  Ferryman by vimark  Secret place by ElenaDudina  Forest Witch by AlexRaspad  Blue by IllegalHamsterThe  Valentine by arefin03 Tea Party 9 by Edward-Jekyll  Silence by ThelemaDreamsArt  Elyse by NoEelys  song of Spring by Makusheva  Making a Pit Stop by nine9nine9  October Magic by MarcoHeisler  Legend of the Cryptids - Manalee (adv) by anotherwanderer  Tenderness by livingloudphoto  4608 by LilifIlane  Death goddess by StarsColdNight Think of England by MariannaInsomnia  Unravel by MindfulArray  Another from Gothesque Magazine issue #20 by vampireleniore  11th Hour by Arkarti  Vale Decem by Arkarti  The blind  Butterfly by Ahmed-Fares94  The Warrior girl Butterfly by hansels  Tardis by jasric  Blue Stardust by B-Skipper Chandelier by alexnoreaga  Thorn by EerilyfairDesign  Portrait by RalphSt  Crystal by eriksantz  Succubus by PM-ForeverArts  Light my Fire by Doucesse  
On Guard by taramara
a bit of shameless promotion :aww:

What I'm Dreaming Of by Ariel87 <da:thumb id="515324555"/>  Stock Place 62 by Ariel87-Stock  Stock Place 86 by Ariel87-Stock

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Thank you so very much for the feature! Sorry for my very late replay :heart:
Ariel87's avatar
Don`t worry! My pleasure! :heart:
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amazing feature! :heart:
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thanks for the feauture!!! Congrats for your 8 years!
Ariel87's avatar
My pleasure :aww:
thanks to you! :hug:
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Thanks for the feature :)
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Thank you so much for the kind feature! :)
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Thank you dear for including me in your feature, and congrats for being 8 years here! Same for me this year, my 8th dA birthday. :D
Ariel87's avatar
My pleasure! :hug:
Happy DA birthday to us then! :aww:
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Thank you so much for the feature :love:
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Thank you for the feat! :heart: Congrats on your 8th year~! 
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aww thanks to you :hug:
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Grazie, cara Thelma :love: for the feature of my Secret place by ElenaDudina
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Grazie per la feature cara Thelma !! :rose:
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E` un piacere carissima! :heart:
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Thank you so much for the feature! :D 
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