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Disney Hercules_Your most lugubriousness...

By ariel025
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Making characters from "Hercules" movie and cartoon series into more modern time concepts.

A full body image of tall and dark "Rex". Enjoy!I am a dummy! 

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This is the most well-crafted version of Hades’ clothing I have ever seen, imaginative yet balanced and practical, but also perfectly suiting his personality.

I’ll be honest, I can’t wrap my head around some other pieces you’ve done, like the Herc/Nessus ones, I just can’t see the story unfold that way. But the Hades pieces are genius. If only Disney was smart enough to ask you if they could turn this into a doll, instead of the cringey Midnight Masquerade one they just announced. After seeing that, I immediately came back here to heal my eyes 😂👍

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Young man, I was young once too

Sang a song of love like you

Son, I too, was left behind

Turned on one too many times

Now I sing a different song

One I can depend upon

A simple tune, a steady beat

The music of machinery

You hear that heavy metal sound?

The symphony of Hadestown

And in this symphony of mine

Of power cords and power lines

Young man, you can strum your lyre I have strung the world in wire

Young man, you can sing your ditty


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I take it you recognize my reference! Seeing Hades in a suit immediately reminded me of Hadestown.

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Would it be ok if I cosplayed this? 😍

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Yotsuba Suprised ? ... you freaking serious now?

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But it'll be a while 😅

Gotta have money for it first. (I'll keep you posted though 😍)

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omgnoes ...Seriously now, you're gonna cosplay this?

That'll take a lot work!!

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Funny thing, I already have most of the things I need (from other cosplays), that I can 'splice' together for him 😁

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Daisy excited Holly cow!


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Got the shirt yesterday & the coat today 😁

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I'll let you know as soon as I can ^w^

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Every comment on anything you draw of him:

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He sure does!! Thanks! ;) (Wink) 
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I love the coat.

Hade looks so great and would make and excellent crime boss and/or business man

I can see this guy own a casino
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Thank you very much! I am a dummy!
Crime boss material mostly. Got his own criminal organization.
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your very welcome :) my, someone is happy

that I figure. I wonder if he has other outfits, so fashionable they might seem "criminal" if you know what I mean
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I'll sell my soul to you for more Hades art. :squee: :squee: Heart 
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Why, may I express my deepest gratitude and appreciation!  Thanks for everything! 
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Hades looks good in that outfit.
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